Hey hey, it’s been a great last week and still going. My oldest and I got the 4wheeler going. Had to tear the carburetor off and go through it to clean out the gummy trash from ethanol fuel that ruins all the motors and internals these days. I got in the tune up kit this last week and he’s going to help me change the oil, air filter and spark plug today. Can you believe its 63 here this morning, I can’t, it’s like heaven here this morning and so got me ready for fall as I have said before? Woot Woot archery season starts here Monday. Going over to the Delta area, there is 14,000 acres of virgin timber its freaking beautiful and magical and overrun with wild hogs so hoping I will have some pork chops on the grill by middle of the week haha.

Been having a lot of fun in the shop last week, even turned my first wooden duck call. A previous customer wanted something a little more special, so we began talking about it and started looking at wood and ordered some. Usually all goes well but this time wasn’t so easy, was over one hurdle and up against a wall here and then down a rabbit hole there. We had a hellova time getting his piece done but it all came together in the end and gotta say was a pleasure working with him and no matter all the trouble we had he never flipped out and never gave me hell even though I am sure we were both frustrated as heck at times. In the end we got this funky foot shaped chunk of Curly Maple Burl

I wasn’t sure how it would work out and how to cut it to where I could get the best blanks from it. I was able to get 3 from it after all. All I knew was that it was Maple had no idea it was curly too. When I ripped it, I wasn’t really able to see or notice the curl. All the times I have seen curly maple people have worked it where the curl is horizontal.

Am really happy with the way these turned out and have this one above and another like it if anyone is interested.

I did a few other show stopper pieces but can’t show ya all the cards I am holding lol.

The new WS VVPS are great and make using the WS quite nice. I have used all kinds of various VVPS in the past and at first wondered gosh do I have the cords in the right place, is the switch set correctly, do I have the right end on this cable before I purchase it, ohhhh IDK. There is no guessing with these, they are simple and easy to use, plug and play. Plug into the wall plug other cord into the WS, turn the knob to power it on and then twist to set voltage. It doesn’t get any easier than that no guessing no thinking.

Oh yeah, I will be adding these to the WS package very soon. I have got my guy working to get these out to me this coming week.

I will be adding to the WoodScents package at no extra charge these WS Ti Tip stems, not taking anything away from the package nor adding any extra dollars, only adding even more options and greater experiences. Let me ask you all, who does this? Who gives you 2vapesin1 package and who gives you all this and doesn’t nickel and dime you to death by adding this or that to your order? It sure as heck isn’t me and you sure as heck don’t get robbed when buying a WS!

Oh yeah yesterday evening I made my very own first wooden duck call from Asian Afzelia Burl, has a gun metal band and double reed for a great sound. Am anxious to do a few more of these. Am sending this one to a good friend’s kid in Louisiana for testing in the duck hole this season, can’t wait to hear how they like it!

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