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Epicvape E-Nano XL Wood Vapor Stem

Epicvape E-Nano XL Wood Vapor Stem

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Reached out to Andy to grab a XL Nano to match my Walnut EV-2 and Nano to complete my collection of Epic pieces. Great build solid work awesome performance.

Only took a moment fitting SS tube I had on hand, after a couple modifications here we are Ed's Nano XL Wood Stem in Mexican Royal Ebony. A very dense wood species having a dark rich chocolate tone.

Overall length at 4.5" with a tip length of 1.5" to ensure a solid stable fit over the stem and taking into account the shoulder at the top of the device allowing for a 3/4" load capacity. These fit nicely over the heat port holding the unit upright easily. Also pair with your favorite water tool.

Cleaning: First off you should never soak or submerge any of the wood stems I make. Simply take a cotton swab dipping it in high proof alcohol, squeeze out the excess then swab out the inner portion of the stem to remove any buildup doing this as needed. Let dry, you’re good to go.

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be exactly the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.

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Customer Reviews

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Must have for the XL

The WPA song from the Epic folks is workable, but this thing makes the XL shine! My only gripe is the screen is a bit cumbersome. If you scrape out a bowl with the metal tool it sometimes will hook / snag on the screen. I don't think this is a huge deal. I own an original E-nano and have screens of various sizes.

If you take a massive rip sometimes the tip of the wood will be cool to the touch! This thing is awesome and 10/10 quality.

Thank you so much for sharing, have heard that from others and glad you find it to make a great difference. Keep it up bro, thanks again. Wish you well and hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.

Pains me to not give this 5 stars

Have had the stem for a few days now, really love the form factor on this stem. Works great as a WPA and native stem. Hits are great too!

By all means it's a great stem and improves my set up, but my main grievance is the screen. Half the time I try to empty a bowl, my screen ends up loosening itself, and my herb falls into the stem. I thought after a few days of usage I'd have enough resin/gunk built up that the screen would stay in place better. So far no such luck sadly.

Another user told me that they use Underdog small basket screens in this stem and they think it works a lot better. I'll be trying this out myself and updating my review (if I can), because I also think that basket screens make a lot more sense in this configuration. This stem is a 5 star rating from me if I can figure out a screen setup that stays in place

Hey hey, thanks for sharing this and letting me know your experience with this stem. I am glad you are enjoying it and will start adding conical screens to these to make it easier for all in the future. Really appreciate you and hope alls well I am here for you anytime. I hope you enjoy that piece and it becomes a 5 star for you.

This adapter saves the enano XL

So far my experience with the enano XL is a bit disappointing. Their glass stem and song WPA do not sit well on the heating post of the device very well at all. They are very wiggly and make it difficult to get a good satisfying puff off the enano XL device. The basket screen does help, but not enough in my opinion.

I received Ed's WPA before the two epickai SonG WPAs I ordered arrived. Ed's adapter saved the whole experience for me. The metal tube on the adapter is more narrow and it sits better on the enano XL heating post. With Ed's adapter I'm able to get huge delicious clouds from the E-Nano xl. It's more difficult to do so without Ed's adapter.

I highly(!) recommend picking up one of Ed's adapters for the enano xl. Would I recommend the E-nano XL without Ed's adapter? Probably not. I had a much better out of box experience with the OG enano. But with Ed's enano xl adapter, the XL produces very tasty and thick vapor.

Wow, thats awful kind bro to read and for you to share here, am most grateful that I have been able to make that stem that has improved the XL's performance that much. Gosh as I always say if you are happy I am thrilled. Sounds like you are thrilled, I'm ecstatic, thank you.