Ed's TnT 7th Annual Make A Wish Fundraiser/Raffle

Last year was a great year for the kids, together we as a community raised over $11,500.00 for them from donations sent by so many. I want to thank everyone so much for being a part of this and in advance to everyone that contributes this year.

This year’s event will take place from the 1st through the 30th of November. It will be held at edstnt.com within a blog post.

Where to enter: The contest will be hosted at edstnt.com at my blog


How to enter: This is fund raiser is for the Make A Wish foundation. To enter participants will go to the Make A Wish donations page or follow the link provided below. Participants may choose to donate to National, Local, or International. The minimum donation amount to enter this contest is $10.


Entry and participation for this contest will be based on the honor system. Anyone can take advantage of this event and if you feel compelled to do so and want to take advantage of others and most of all, the children of MAW and that is on you!

Once payment for the donation has been made, you will see a confirmation page.

Participants MUST select the content from the receipt by highlighting it, then copy and paste in the leave a comment section of the raffle blog post. https://edstnt.com/blogs/news/eds-7th-annual-make-a-wish-fundraiser-raffle

 It will ask you for name and email but will not make the posters email visible after publishing. Be sure to delete any sensitive/personal information before posting. The transaction ID and date must be clearly visible to validate the donation, or the donation will not be counted. Participants will get a receipt by email from make a wish, they may also screen shot it. This will be needed to verify proof of identity to claim prize.

It only takes 1 single entry of $10 or more to register for this contest. However, as an incentive, the more you donate the more chances to win.  The following will be implemented:

Single donation of $10 = 1 raffle entry
Single donation of $50 = 6 raffle entries
Single donation of $100 = 13 raffle entries
Single donation of $150 = 20 raffle entries

Single donation of $200 = 28 raffle entries

When someone participates and posts their info, a # of raffle entries will be assigned. I will follow up at the post with a reply giving them their specific entry #’s.

Participants can donate as many times as they like. Donate the first day great, donate again the 2nd week even better, donate one more time day before it ends to give yourself better odds, it is all on you. The more you donate the more chances you to win. Good luck!

Raffle length:
Raffle will run from Nov. 1st to the 30th, 2023. Event will close at midnight Nov. 30th, 2023.

How is the winner selected: Each donation will be assigned a number in an Excel spreadsheet for example, if a member donates $50, they will get 6 numbers (line entries) assigned to them. The winner will be chosen by a random number draw.

When/where be winner be announced: Winners will be drawn and announced during a live stream on my Instagram @ eds_tnt.


Dec. 1st, 2023 at a later designated time, most likely 12pm noon central time. Will also be posted there the same day at the blog event area. After announcing the winners, at Instagram and at the blog, 2 weeks will be given to notify me by email ed@edstnt.com You must have donation receipt/screenshot to claim any prize. All prizes will be forfeited if no response is received within 2 weeks. A new winner be selected through the same process as above.

It's that simple, donate to help MAW give a wish to a deserving child and put a smile on their face, put a precious memory in the mind of a parent that may be the most priceless gift they may ever receive.

With over $4600 worth of awesome prizes from many creative makers and great companies in the industry I am grateful and excited for you all and wish you lots of luck!

Custom Flower Hardware - Flower KettleAmboyna Burl WoodScents Pkg. - Ed's TnT
Cannabis Hardware - B0Aezheen Island w/Stem - Aezhenn Wood
Boundless TeraNash TM Stem
Tinystems Custom Hammer2022 Halloween Vong - DynaVap
WoodWynd - DynaVapBoundless CFX+
Vintage Shadow M - DynaVap18mm Killer Quartz Butane Vape - GoodVibesBoro
Pixel M - DynaVapLotus Paackage - Soothing Vapours
XMax V3 Pro from GroovalarityBoundless Vexil
Submarine Butane Vape from Good Vibes BoroAcid Anodized 45mm Dynavap Body from Brian Hoffman
$50 Gift Card - SneakyPeteStore.com from Sneaky Pete Vaporizers$50 Gift Card - VapeNorth.ca from Great White North Vaporizer Company
Terp Pen SpectrumTinymight Glass 4 terp pill stem from Highartisan
Glass Daisy Stem - Standard from Hookahhead shopWindstar_glass
Fusion Tip + Cap, Infinity Stem from Wesley Pipes and MoreB-Zero Heavy Bundle from VGoodiEZ
Core 2.1 E-Rig by Crossing Tech from VGoodiEZFiddleback Mirindiba SS Crowned Dynavap Stem from Zasquatch - Z Stems
Sticky Brick Flip from 4everpushingaboulderTinyMight Leather Case & Leather Battery Case from Labet Komp
Crossing PID from 4everpushingaboulder$50 Gift Card from VGoodiEZ
Kaye Mayd Hydrostash from 4everpushingaboulderKayd Mayd Hydrostash and Dual Case from 4everpushingaboulder

Entries -

GarlicRiver - Entries #1 – 6

Alex Murray – Entry #7

Aaron Cohen – Entries #8 – 20

Dave Levy – Entries #21 – 37

Totalbuh – Entries #38 – 43

Josh Bowden - Entries #44 – 56

Grass Yes – Enties #57 – 69

Phil Groves – Entries #70 – 75

Dylan G – Entry #76

Christopher F – Entry #77

Dontrel L – Entry #78

Noah Nelson - #79

Jon Wessel – Entries #80 – 85

Zach Wayman – Entries #86 – 91

Dylan G – Entry #92

Phil Maniscalco – Entry #93 – 98

Brian L – Entry #99

James L. – Entry #100

Jared Bonner – Entries #101 – 106

Tangible Hangnail – Entries #107 – 119

James M – Entry #120

WildWillie419 – Entries #121 – 126

Elizabeth Young – Entry #127

Devin W - Entries #128 – 133

Haley W – Entries #134 – 139

Josef – Entries #140 – 145

Hugh Jundys – Entries #146 - 202

Jerry Watts – Entries #203 – 231

Brinoy P – Entries #232 – 237

Adam Goldman – Entries #238 – 43

James G – Entry # 244

Michael Beaulieu – Entry #245

Christopher F – Entries #246 – 251

GOM – Grumpy Old Man – Entries #252 – 257

Mark S – Entries #258 – 270

6Murphys6Luck6 – Entries #271 - 276

Ashley G – Entries #277 – 304

Benoit Merlin – Entries #305 – 310

Carter – Entries #311 – 323

Seth Wait – Entry #324

Owen D. – Entry #325

Dave – Entries #326 – 328

Charlotte Hylton – Entry #329

Nick S. – Entries #330 – 358

Dev C – Entry #359

Dev C – Entry #360

Jacqueline Jones – Entry #361

Ramsey T – Entries #362 – 363

Yubinkyoku – Entries #364 – 391

Laurie Ann Paccione – Entry #392

Sage B – Entry #393

Keith – Entries - #394 – 399

Nate – Entry #400

Lee Ann Mortensen – Entries #401 – 406

James Corbitt – Entry #407

Gillian J – Entries #408 – 413

Stuart – Entries #414 – 419

Relax – Entries #420 – 447

Srdjan – Entry #448

Debra Samuels – Entry #449

Nicolas Laurent – Entries #450 – 455

Taylor Muller – Entry #456

Steve Y – Entry #457

Total contributions as of 11-24-23 $3,890.00

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Single Donation
Transaction ID: 24499492
Date: 11/28/23
Make-A-Wish® America

Scott Wing

Donation: $50
Name: Rick L
Transaction ID: 24498892
Date: 11/28/23
Benefitting: Make-A-Wish® America

Richard Lepley

James M
Transaction ID: 24497591
Date: 11/28/23

James M

GOM- Grumpy Old Man
Transaction ID: 24496430
Date: 11/28/23

Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida, Inc.

GOM- Grumpy Old Man

Single Donation$105
Transaction ID: 24495962
Date: 11/28/23

Thanks for running such an awesome event, Ed! Happy Holidays to you ’n yours!

Greg Boo

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