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WoodScents Variable Voltage Power Supply

WoodScents Variable Voltage Power Supply

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VVPS Plug Style

The WoodScents Variable Voltage Power Supply is a great device that will allow you to dial in your exact use setting precisely each and every time.  The standard WS power supply maxes out at 12.2V, but the VVPS will operate below the standard maximum as well as significantly over it giving you the ability to boost your WoodScents temperature range.  The VVPS can replace the standard 12V power supply, the temperature control, and the extension cable. It can also work with the extension cable giving you extra length if you like.

The WoodScents is capable of handling voltage above 12V with ease but should never be operated above 14V.  I recommend that when boosting the voltage, it should only be done for short intervals.  The WoodScents should NEVER be left to run at high voltage for long periods of time.

I suggest starting out slow when getting to know your VVPS by starting at 12.5V.  Give it a few minutes to adjust to that setting before using.  If you find that setting to not be hot enough, bump it up to 13V and allow a short time for it to reach this setting before use.  You may find that your setting it at 12.7V and that’s totally fine too.  Finding your ‘sweet spot’ is an individual preference and there is no ‘perfect’ setting.  Remember to roll the dial back below 12V when not in use.

WARNING:  The WoodScents VVPS can operate way above 14V but you should NEVER do so. Anything above 14V for even short periods of time will severely damage your heater permanently and could destroy it.  Operating your WoodScents over 14V will void your warranty. I repeat never operate your VVPS over 14V!

These are available with a US or EU style plug. Please select which you would like before adding to your cart.

Take your time getting familiar with your VVPS and enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

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Great upgrade

A really nice upgrade to the power supply that came with the the light set from Sneaky Pete's. Not that there's anything wrong with that one, but this one sits comfortably on your surface with enough weight to stay pretty still. I put some 3M non slip rubber pads on to help. The dial is obviously a lot better with the display. I'm very happy with my purchase and the service from Ed's TnT was impeccable. My parcel arrived to the UK a lot quicker than I expected. I will definitely be purchasing more from Ed. Hopefully new Woodscents will appear 😍

Great idea on the rubber pads bro, I am happy to hear its working great for you and how you are enjoying it. Am here for you anytime pls get at me when I can be helpful, has been a pleasure.