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Flower Wand Tigerwood Handle

Flower Wand Tigerwood Handle

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How about dressing that Flower Wand up from MiniNail with this handmade Tigerwood Handle?

At 5"L and just a little over 1"OD it fits well in the hand and on the stand. Cable stays put within and you can even push the MN nail in the back end so it stays put and near by always.

 Great to hold, easy to manipulate for secure and solid hold!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Geoff S.
Craftsmanship with all the handles is spectacular

Wonderful handles for all your coils

Appreciate that very much, thank you for sharing am most grateful.

Fantastic and stylish

I had questions before I ordered and I got support super fast which was nice. The handle is great and is a worthwhile upgrade

Glad to see and hear you like that piece, thank you for posting the pics as well. Also glad I could be helpful, hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. Am here for you anytimeI can be.