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TinyMight Stem

TinyMight Stem

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Tiny Might Species

Like your Tinymight, like how it works, like to step it up a couple notches?

These wood stems will most certainly do so. In Blackwood, Bocote, Cocobolo & Walnut these are my go-to species for such situations. Dense, sleek, and sexy, they will dress up your device as well as hold the stock cooling unit snug and secure. Optionally you can stack two cooling units or use with provide conical screen (like basket screen supplied with the Tinymight). 

What do we know about glass, wood does not break if it takes a fall or chip easily. These will last a long time enhancing your experience every time you reach for the Tinymight. At a length of 3 ½”, smoothly finished like glass, ready to rip, grab yours now! Work with both TM1 & TM2.

They come with 2 conical screens and you can grab more here if you like. You may also need more Cooling Unit Orings, no need to order direct from the manf.

grab those here.

Cleaning: First off you should never soak or submerge any of the wood stems I make. Simply take a cotton swab dipping it in high proof alcohol, squeeze out the excess then swab out the inner portion of the stem to remove any buildup doing this as needed. Let dry, you’re good to go.

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. There may be voids, worm holes, live edges, and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique & handcrafted.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Joey Slam
Great alternative stem to the titanium!

The included stems are great, but both can become VERY hot after a few sessions. The heat dispersion with this means I am not burning my hand going for another session.
Also, the pictures do not do this stem justice. Mine came in and I was very surprised at the craftsmanship; much sturdier than I was thinking it would be.

Thanks Ed!

Thanks for the grin you have given me, am most grateful for your review and sharing your use. I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come am here for your however I can be, thanks again.

Great stem for cooling and so pretty good looking!

just great handmade work (as always) i got the black wood and it dress up my TM2 sooo good! It's just sexy, and filled with 3mm boro the cooling its even better than the cooling unit itself, even beter taste!

Hey hey, ahhh that's a great idea of replacing the CU with the boro, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate you telling everyone here how you are enjoying that piece, thank you for that. Am here for you anytime anyhow wish you all the best.

So smooth and beautiful!

This blackwood stem looks so pretty and cools nicely, as-is or with modification. I’ve run the stem with boro balls from end to end too, it’s so versatile. Most importantly, no issues or worries over a broken stem! Ed’s superior quality shines, as always!

Hey hey, thanks for sharing your technique when using this with your TM with the balls bro. I am very grateful and hope others will give this a try also. Thanks for the kind words!

Favorite stem

This is a very beautiful piece of wood that has me baffled with its looks and how it feels.

I like it a lot!

Using it with cooling unit.

Ed have given me a very good experience being a customer here.

10/10 recommend

Brother that's what its all about, in the end if you are happy I am thrilled that's what its all about. Hope you enjoy it and the others for a long time to come.

Game changer!

The stock Tinymight stems get too hot. This stem doesn't. Turned my TM into my new daily and my Mighty+ is gathering dust.

Not only that, this stem looks amazing! I got the Blackwood and the wood looks black at night and the during the day the gorgeous grain shows through.

Ditch your stock stems and ger one of these!

Thanks Ed!

Appreciate the kind words very much, if you're happy I am thrilled that's what I love about what I do. Blackwood is a gorgeous species, your'e right the grain will pop showing its deep characteristics. Hope you enjoy it for a long time to come.