Good morning everyone, does anyone remember long ago when I was putting the WS though beta testing and wanted it to be called the "Vapor Bomb"?

Was almost 3 years this July. My beta testers felt it was best not to call it the VB due to the issue of ppw and such for shipping and the like. I went with WoodScents but never let go of the idea I had to turn a bomb shaped body that resembled an old school bomb like the ones that used in the early world wars.

I think I posted it a page or two back showing the crown shaped or blooming flower design piece I did. Since then I have gotten in an awesome big boy Grizzly Band Saw that allows me to make cleaner more precise cuts at angles that I wasn’t or haven’t done before. I said then that I was going to let that piece sit in the shop and let it marinate giving me inspiration and this is what I have come up with


This is the initial first prototype. I already have thoughts of adding more detail and definition to the overall look of it. I am going to install the jack assembly within the underside center where the power cable will plug in and give it that neat tail look like it’s about to launch. The top will pop off for easy use. All internals will be the same WS parts. Its overall between 1 to 2" taller in height and close to the same OD of any WS made. I am really digging it as is so far and am excited to see where it goes on its way to final. I am wanting to add it as another body style as an option aside from the standard yearly models. I am going to widen the fins at the bottom somewhat I feel. I think it would be neat to have contrasting top and bottom species.

Am anxious to hear what you all think and look forward to everyone's thoughts. I know it’s probably not for all and that’s fine but would like to hear what you think and what I might could do, change or add. Let’s hear it.


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Sunday, September 6, 2020

This looks amazing!
I wonder how it functions, but the design is really appealing! I would be glad to have a piece in my vape collection, and would probably display that one in a very front position!
Great work man!

Cory Goodman
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

That looks absolutely gorgeous. Also seems like it could be a good platform for custom carving/engraving or inlays, although those are just me spitballing ideas.

Kaleb M.A. Niles
Thursday, April 16, 2020

I like this! It’s something different and an eye catcher. Would there be other wood options or just one model? A nice ebony or amboyna burl with inlay would look sickkkk.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello and thanks for the comment and interest in my work. As far as now there will be other options, I am uncertain of what they will be atm but am eager and excited to get these done and out there in the near future.
I appreciate you very much and hope to hear more from you soon. Take care and stay healthy.

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