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Ed's TnT

Ed’s TnT Bomb Ass Butter

Ed’s TnT Bomb Ass Butter

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Wanna breath some life into that worn piece, you have been tote’n it around in your pocket, bag, or what have you for a while and after time the wood begins to show wear and dull even. Ed’s TnT Bomb Ass Butter is a great way to add that luster and protect to your piece just like the day you got it.

BAB uses Genuine Hawaiian Beeswax and mineral oil to increase the longevity of your piece.

Being Natural Hawaiian Beeswax with no extracts added, it almost has a sweet honey aroma to it at times, very pleasing!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Salimeno
Good stuff

I carve wood and this stuff really brings out shadows, cuts, and definition. Love it and a little goes a long way. I do wish it came in a bigger can.

Hey hey, thanks so much for the positive words. You would know bro, wood is good! Appreciate you very much.

100& better than beeswax

A very good wood coating that does not require much.
For me, it is soothing to vape while rubbing this into the wood.
Plus it makes it shiny and newer looking. It can also be used on other smaller high quality wood.

Easy peasy right! Glad you are enjoying using it on your WS after some time it will really build a lustrous shine that will last. Thanks much bro!

I use the butter on everything!

Great stuff, incredibly useful for those wood devices or stems. Be sure to always include in your order!

Well said bro, happy to hear you are using it as much as you are. Appreciate you very much!