Good evening everyone so here we have it, been another great year with 12 behind me and starting on my 13th in business. I can’t say just how thankful I am that my family is happy and healthy, I got plenty of work to do and a lot of goodness ahead. I’m still doing what I do and still loving every minute of it. I am working on adding a couple more dealers one in Italy and another in the UK, been getting work out as quickly as possible and gearing up for more. Not sure how many of you have IG accounts, Randall from Focus got my Aero pieces in yesterday and did a video last night to show how well they work. Was fun doing that piece and is the best when it’s in the hands of someone else and they are enjoying what I did. That’s a big part of what I do and love that makes it all worth it. I am going to start my anniversary sale the 26th and run it through the 3rd. At checkout enter code 2019 for 12% off your order.