Hey hey, wow everyone so its been a little bit since I was able to stop for time enough to post. Getting ready for the BF sale was intense. I spent a month working my butt off getting as many WS species back in stock and adding a couple newer ones as well. Had a couple inquires for what I may have and how many. I think I had 15 species in stock at the start of the sale and had maybe 2-4 of each. When you have that many species its tough to have a bunch of each and every one. During all the BF work I had a couple dealer orders to make happen and one was rather large of 200+ stems and accessories of 6 or more types. Remember this is all hand turned, no machines and no help, an army of one giving it hell and all I got!

    BIG BIG WOW from the BF sale, never ever since the biz started almost 12 years ago have, I done as well in that short a time in retail sales, it was phenomenal and can’t believe how many WS were purchased. Gotta give a BIG BIG THANKS to all for making it the most successful sale I have had. I have been working to get them all out this week but have been behind in this and will have the remaining orders out next week.

    Have the raffle/donation to the Make a Wish Foundation still going and have extended the date to the 7th. I just got the last few pieces in from Simrell Collection to finish the prize package.

    This is a very impressive prize package! As you see a 3,000+ year old BogOak WoodScents with 24K Silver leaf gilding and BogOak Stem/WPA, a Black Omni VapCap with one of only a handful super limited pure silver mouthpieces donated by DynaVap, from the Simrell Collection an Ebony Omni replacement body with abalone accents and matching Ebony storage Tube with accents also. All you have to do to enter the raffle is get by Make A Wish make a one time donation of at least $5, screenshot your receipt, get over to VaporAsylum get joined up and post the screen shot there. $5 is nothing for a chance at such a great prize package and all these $5 sure do add up to making a wish happen for the children and their families at this time of year when they could use it the most. PLS PLS PLS get by and donate, lets be part of something great like putting a smile on a child’s face.

    I have also gotten a new wood dealer and oh my gosh what freaking outstanding top shelf species I have been able to see and get. I have gotten my hands on some of the most beautiful Amboyna Burl museum grade chunks that will truly make some of the most amazing WoodScents ever seen.

    Jeez I am sure he knows it, this stuff is my kinda crack, I can’t help myself. He tells me he’s got this and show

Additions to the Raffle/Donation for Make a Wish 11-18-18 - Ed's TnT
Additions from Simrell Collection...
Raffle raised $1600, Omgosh Amboyna, Glass WS Stems too, ohhh wow! 12-11-18 Ed's TnT
Thanks for the participation, what a success!...
Woot, woot, wood
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