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WoodScents Glass Aroma Ti Tip Stem 4inch

WoodScents Glass Aroma Ti Tip Stem 4inch

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The WS Straight draw glass Ti Tip stems are 4"L and thick wall for a solid more durable extraction. These allow you to use your WoodScents/DynaVap Tip with the WS or with the DV cap alone.

I feel it even gives you better draw strength for less restriction.

Condenser will not work in this stem nor will any of the DV mouthpieces offered

Having these made in the US by my man at Galloway Glass here on the East Coast was one of the best things to happen for the WoodScents.

Be advised when purchasing this stem, it does not come with the tip or cap.

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Customer Reviews

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Ken Bonfield

It’s a 4” glass stem. Very simple, yet perfectly executed. This is my favorite way to use my Woodscents natively.

Four inches is enough to cook the vapor while set at 8 on the power dial.

It couldn’t be easier to clean, and it collects the loveliest honey that is easily harvested while making stem milk.

I have lots of cool vapcap stems, but this simple 4” glass stem has become my first choice to pick up 90% of the time.

I’ve been using a coarse grind with a light tamp to even the load to get my most satisfying sessions.

Great user tips bro, thanks again.

Awesome Thick Glass Stems - Fast Shipping

These are amazing custom made thick heavy duty durable glass stems. I have looked elsewhere and there is nothing that compares to the thickness and look of these stems. The stems are better than pictured. The actual stems have a thick glass and flared lip. The custom stem openings are the perfect size to accept the Dynavap titanium tip.

Will be coming back to Ed anytime I happen to need more.

My man, thanks so much for the positive feedback and sharing your feelings, am most grateful.

Unexpected Power

With my hand in a cast, I was happy to get my WoodScents, but I put aside this glass piece until I could handle it. Using my WS daily kept me happy, and I forgot about this Glass Aroma Stem until I saw a friend rave about it on IG. I grabbed mine, and was blown away. It's unexpectedly powerful, and I'm back to put in an order for more stems and conical baskets. I've spent more for less in my time in vape land, but I know this piece is well worth the small amount it costs. It's a cloud maker. Get you some.

Woot woot love to hear this, glad you are doing better, get you some!!!