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Walnut WoodScents

Walnut WoodScents

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WoodScents packages have changed to make them more affordable for everyone. Have been told many times by users that they don't need all the accessories that have come in the full packages and many never get used. So I am offering these in a bare bones pkg. All other accessories can be purchased separately if you like.

What is included with the WoodScents?
The WoodScents package will consist of:

1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog
1 Titanium Vapcap tip w/Titanium screen & o-rings
1 WoodScents Ti-Tip Glass AromaStem 4"
1 12V power adapter
1 Inline rotary temp control
1 right angle extension cable (cord from inline rotary temp dial to WoodScents)

What a blast the new 2022 body style has been to make. Had been thinking for a few months before the release what I would do for the change. I tried a couple different designs that I really wasn't feeling. I will turn a piece and let it sit for a few days thinking on it, just couldn’t get anywhere with the couple styles I did. Then one night it just hit me “holes”, was like a light went off in my head. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. First thing the next morning went straight to the shop to work this idea into reality. The piece you see here is the 3rd rendition and final look of that idea. I know it may not be for everyone and that is fine, some of the past models haven’t been liked by all.

Black walnut timber is very highly prized for its straight, dark, heavy, strong, fine-grained heartwood, which is used to make fine furniture, valuable gunstocks, flooring, oars, and coffins. Because the species is now relatively rare in the wild, the timber is currently used for veneer as well. We had some on our property years back when I was a kid, I remember walking out to the back side of our place was really young had never seen walnuts in person. I was walking down the hill started to slip and did fall. On and under the leaves there were these huge nuts that were rolling under my feet, I asked what are these? Was told they are walnuts I looked at the tree near by looking up at how tall it was and looking down in my hand, ahhh this is what walnuts are lol.

I will say that the side open air design will affect your temp setting but ever so slightly. This design has been tested thoroughly and proven to perform with great success. You may have to bump up your temp a half a setting than what you would have in other models.

WoodScents is now patented, not pending, fully patented. There has been a flaw in log vapes of the past where the heater core was enclosed causing a great deal of heat retention which over time would degrade the unit rendering it useless over time. The WoodScents airpath floats so to speak seated on top of a high temperature oring. Using medical-grade Titanium and our patented installation allows for the least amount of heat retention and metal to wood heat transfer will ensure the longevity of the unit. Rest assured that your WoodScents will last!

WoodScents is the most advanced Log on the market and the only unit that utilizes Titanium Medical Grade 2 materials to create the cleanest healthiest air path ever offered.

Each WoodScents package will be shipped with insurance to protect your purchase from site to delivery automatically!

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. Each and every piece is hand made in the USA here in my home state of Mississippi! There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So glad I finally got one!

Had to fiddle with the temp settings a bit at first, as one does with pretty much any vape, but once I got that set right, it started putting out tasty clouds with no effort. Haven't had a chance to try it through water, was too excited to start using it.

This is another work of art that I'm so proud to have.

Hey hey, so grateful to hear this and happy you are enjoying so much. Hope you will for a long time to come. Pls let me know if ever I can do anything else for you. Wish you all the best.

These are truly works of art

These are truly works of art that, seeing them online just don't do them justice. Every piece is crafted with an obvious amount of care, and the final product really just blows me away. It also works extremely quickly and effectively, the new heating system really works wonderfully. Absolutely love this thing already. Also huge shot out to Ed for being extremely reachable and happy to answer any questions you might have before, during and even after the purchase.

I instantly fell in love

my vape just came in the mail today!!! As soon as I opened the tube I could see how much care was put in just wrapping and packaging up, and I don't know the rest of people but I find seeing how a product is cared for almost tells you everything you need to know about a company....and then once I finally looked at the product I instantly fell in love, it's nice to be able to finally microdose in style!!!!!!!

The woodscents has quickly became my favorite vaporizer.

The woodscents has quickly became my favorite vaporizer. It suits my at home needs perfectly, and the included vapcap cap even gives you a portable unit too! The woodscents is surprisingly small, and surprisingly powerful. It is able to extract in one large hit, or a couple lower temp hits. It is important to note that even on full power it will not combust or even scorch your material. The woodscents is the ultimate micro dosing device in my opinion; offering clean extraction, and unbeatable efficiency. I look forward to using this beautifully crafted device for years to come.