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Titanium Conical Filters – 3 Pack

Titanium Conical Filters – 3 Pack

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Conical screens in titanium, that's right get yours in packs of 3!

Same as the stainless steel that are offered just better.

These are a great fit for

  • WoodScents AromaStem
  • Tiny Might Stems
  • Tiny Might WPA
  • or any other stem or Accs. that utilizes similar in 12mm
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Customer Reviews

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Titanium > Stainless Steel > Aluminum > Dog Excrement

Always go with Titanium over other metals while vaping whenever possible. Glass would be the best option, but Ti comes a close second with it's safer properties.
My only complaint is (if even possible) that the exposed wire side is not capped or bound together in some way. These can still be bent up and end up with protruding metals from the filter.

Hey hey, thanks for sharing this bro, I am happy you are happy. Understand your complaint will look into alternatives when possible. Again thanks for the review am here for you anytime anyhow.