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PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer

PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer

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Like anything else I do it started off going one direction and can quickly veer off course and into something I hadn’t even considered. So, after an attempt at a Lotus stem body and some modifications by an innovative tester and a few betas down the line I am happy to be able to offer the PipeScents Portable convection unit. The PipeScents is a beautifully hand turned and American made addition to my product line up.

PipeScents is a flame powered unit. It doesn’t need a battery or an electrical outlet, any torch lighter will do. It’s just under 6" in length, has a glass heat intake, intake wood adapter, and lower stem body with a large load area. Every PipeScents will also come with high temperature orings, conical screens, SS heat retention disc, tin of Bomb Ass Butter as well as instruction manual.

It has been put through its paces and found to be a heavy hitter and called by one user a "Lung Buster". I am eager to get these out there in the hands of users to see and hear how they work for them.

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be exactly the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.

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Customer Reviews

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5 plus stars

I’ve spent 4 days with the PipeScents and that’s enough time to leave a review on this gem - I absolutely love it! This truly is functional art. The cocobolo is beautiful! The pattern on the pipe and bowl leaves me speechless. The unit fits great in my hand despite being a small statured female. I get consistent vapor production and the PipeScents slaps! I don’t need to use much product in this convection vape. There are no negatives to discuss. Ed hit a home run for sure and I’m happy to have this in my collection. It will certainly be in the daily rotation. It’s so enjoyable in so many ways. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could! Thanks, Ed! You are so talented and I couldn’t be happier!

Gosh, thank you so much for the kind review and quite the grin I am wearing, most grateful. I so enjoyed reading your review. TBH, yours and others are making me think again at all the work and efforts that go into these. It is alot of prep and time to make with a big failure rate that leaves me not wanting to do more but I am going to give it some more thought to see if I can make the failure rates go down. If I can do that then will make more. Thanks again for leaving this review.

Thom “Bird” Cavanaugh
Functionality and Form “nailed it”

Wow all the way around probably my favorite on the device and that’s saying a lot as I have any device worth owning. But I’ll break it down :
It fits the hand perfectly and ergonomic. Also choke placement and smooth finish just feels right. The bowl is perfect size and is easy to load, empty, and use. I’ve always had hard time using butane vapes I either light it or under heat it . But the way this is designed it vapes like a spoo. Smokes if that makes sense. Very natural familiar feel even if ur new to torch powered vapes. I would recommend this highly I bought 2 after about a year of begging Ed to make them and finally breaking him down it was worth the wait and I his might be the last batch made due to the amount of labor/skill/risk of blowout and amount of time they take to make. Sooo happy with it thank Big Ed you are the man and I’m thankful for the honor of purchasing this wonderful product the world is a better place because of it !!!

Wow bro thanks for the glowing review I am most grateful. Was alot of work for sure but if your happy I am thrilled and thats what its all about. I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. Always here for you my man, take care.