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HighLighter HeatShield

HighLighter HeatShield

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This is my first dedicated accessory for the HighLighter. Add some protection to your device and hands with this attractive heat shield that keeps radiant heat in and hands protected. The added insulation will allow you to turn down the voltage and design keeps your device oriented vertically while resting to ensure an even and consistent heat soak which allows you to consistently milk tasty rips.

I am offering these in 4 species at the moment: Cherry, Maple, Torched White Ash, and Walnut.

These have been tested, tried, and function really well at housing the HighLighter snug, secure, and most importantly safe away from hands or anything else that could burn.

Each HeatShield will come with 2 High Temp. Orings (1 large / 1 small) and an Oring Installation Tool. Installation instructions (PDF).

Grab yours, get lit!

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Singer
Walnut Heat Shield - perfect fit

Picked it up last year, makes the highlighter into a safe, beautiful log. Superglued Red's metal plug socket into it, looks super professional.

I still prefer to keep it upside-down on a 18mm glass stand to avoid damaging my eyes.

Only improvement I can imagine would be a perforated cap for the bottom, I have a bottle cap wedged in there to hide the wires.

Overall great work.

Nice, thanks for coming back and letting me know you are still rocking that piece as you are. Am most grateful and appreciative. Wish you well if I can do anything for you pls let me know.

exactly what I wanted

- safe
- gorgeous
- smaller than I thought
- solid as fuck, core doesn't wiggle
- literally functions as a flashlight
- makes your hlt run at a lower wattage
- assembly and disassembly is pretty easy.

- could be a bit shorter imo
- one of my HLT tubes was too large in diameter to fit, I had a backup that fit but perhaps some sanding required. I assume this is due to variances in the glass.

Wow, really appreciate the kind words for my work. I tried it a bit short a couple times but went this length due to heat in upper and also length in lower end to tuck and hide connections. Yes sir glass does vary and did my best to take into account that factor. Thanks again for sharing your feelings, am most grateful.

Walnut Heatshield

The craftsmanship on this thing is fantastic. It's from Ed so, I knew it was going to be top notch.

The highlighter fits perfectly and Ed provides everything you need for a safe, secure install. Took about 5 minutes to get everything set up. This turns the highlighter into a real, stable, log that looks great. It's merely warm to the touch after running for a few hours.

If you have a highlighter, I'd highly recommend you pick one of these up to complete your experience.

Thank you brother for the kind words, am most grateful. Appreciate you sharing the good word with others here. Wish you alot of great times and many blessings ahead bro, take care.