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Epicvape E-Nano & XL Stem High Temp. O-Rings – 3 pack

Epicvape E-Nano & XL Stem High Temp. O-Rings – 3 pack

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Since I ditched the old way of installing a SS pin to hold the bushing in place, I have gone to placing a high temperature o-ring to hold it snug now. I send 3 o-rings with every stem purchase but these won’t last forever under routine cleaning and maintenance so I have begun offering them in 3 piece packs that you may pick up additionally with your order or come back and get whenever you like.

These o-rings are of the highest standard and can handle the high heat output of the devices the stems are used in. I highly recommend picking up extras whenever possible, nothing like getting down to your last one and it’s no longer useful and you don’t have any extras! These can be used with the Wooden E-Nano Stems I make.

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