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Cocobolo WoodScents

Cocobolo WoodScents

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As of 4-13-24, I am adding what I call the "CoolKids Upgrade" to every unit that goes out. This upgrade consists of about 25 Sic Balls + or -, on top of the heater core under the mesh Ti Screen adding more thermal mass providing for a more efficient and enhanced vapor extraction.

What is included with the WoodScents?
The WoodScents package will consist of:

1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog
1 Titanium Vapcap tip w/Titanium screen & o-rings
1 WoodScents Ti-Tip Glass AromaStem 4"
1 WoodScents Digital Variable Voltage Controller

It's that time of year again woot woot, did something different this year wanting to show another side of the WoodScents I hadn’t before. In doing so there are a lot of faces giving the individual character each species has a unique look. I am really excited about the new 2023’ model.

There have been a couple of slight changes here and there. Replaced the air path filter disc with a form fit titanium mesh screen and replaced the WS tip with a titanium mesh screen. Another upgrade will be a digital variable voltage power supply replacing the analog controller.

The WoodScents airpath floats so to speak seated on top of a high temperature oring. Using medical-grade Titanium and our patented installation allows for the least amount of heat retention and metal to wood heat transfer will ensure the longevity of the unit. WoodScents is fully patented. Rest assured that your WoodScents will last!

WoodScents is the most advanced Log on the market and the only unit that utilizes Titanium Medical Grade 2 materials to create the cleanest healthiest air path ever offered.

Also, each WoodScents package will be shipped with insurance to protect your purchase from site to delivery automatically!

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. Each and every piece is hand made in the USA here in my home state of Mississippi! There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Vape Ever Used - Beautiful Wood - Top Notch Assistance

This was a major upgrade from another popular wood vaporizer that I had used for years. After much research and positive notes read about Woodscents vapes and the owner Ed I jumped at this log vape.

It was one of the best decisions that I have made. This vape is top notch quality clearly made with passion. The Cocobolo wood pattern is gorgeous. The vape itself heats up super quick and gets as hot as anyone would ever need and is adjustable with the variable dial! There are other similar log vapes, but the price, quality and customer service is unmatched.

Ed, the owner is a craftsman who cares about his product and customers. He responds to any questions super fast and will take care to make sure you have everything you want or need to get started or continue your sessions. Thanks Ed!