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Arizer Air 1 & 2 Wood Vapor Stem

Arizer Air 1 & 2 Wood Vapor Stem

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Arizer Air Vapor Stem

At 3″L tapered to 14mm they are designed to be used with your favorite water tool. These will fit both the Air 1 & 2. Has 4 slots milled in the stainless-steel bushing to allow for increased air flow & better performance. The stem itself will have a somewhat earthy wooden flavor to it at first. This will certainly dissipate after a few uses when the inside has been coated with vapor. 

I have designed and am making all stems now with a completely new wood/bushing connection. Making it easier with less hassle for cleaning & maintaining its longevity. Each stem comes with a few extra screens and now 3 high temperature orings. There is a small groove in the wood shaft that presses into the stainless-steel bushing that holds an oring. The shaft is then pressed into the SS bushing and held in place securely with a compression fit. Having the oring allows the user to simple slide off the bushing to easily remove the screen while leaving the clip in place. You can then take a cotton swab dipped in high proof alcohol and swab out the inside of the stem and bushing. Let it dry, place a new screen under the clip, the oring should still be in good shape. If not, simply take the old one off and slide a new one on. Press the shaft back into the bushing for a solid fit.

Please do remember, these wooden stems should never be washed, soaked, submerged or dipped in any liquid ever! This will cause the wood to swell and may crack, surely it will discolor, and neither is good!

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be exactly the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.

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Customer Reviews

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Was so happy with my purchase

Was so happy with my purchase, the craftsmanship and wood used was exceptional. I could not be happier with what I received as it vapes as good as it looks. My only regret is not jumping on the Woodscents bandwagon earlier


Ed's TNT Wong is the perfect companion for your portable Vaporizer. High quality workmanship, beautiful design, and durability of wood.

ED stands by his product!

I recently invested in a bog oak stem for my air and when it got hereI could tell I wouldn't be disappointed. My first stem i received was really loose for some reason but all I did was call Ed and he made sure to take care of me by offering a replacement. It took a bit longer than I expected due to the return but other than that no complaints here the mouth piece is beautiful and sturdy and I can't wait to get good use from it. Highly recommend if you're considering it you won't regret it please its a plus to know that ED stands by his product!

Great piece of work!

Great piece of work!

Arrived only some hours ago, but already loving it. Everything fits perfect and it looks and feels beautiful. Can only recommend!

And not to forget, Ed's shipping his stuff around the world for free and in quite a time, that's phenomenal too.

Thanks a lot Ed, for great tools and service

the only stem you'll ever need

This is the only stem I use on my Arizer AIr, and the only stem you'll ever need. Wood has a lot of advantages over glass: won't shatter, excellent heat insulation, and microbe resistance are just a few worth mentioning. Bog wood specifically has long been used as a premium pipe-making material, it has several unique advantages over other woods, such as a very high level of durability, the rich black coloring, and that it has absolutely no innate scent or flavor.
The ability to be used both direct draw and as a a GONG adapter is much more useful than I though, I often switch between direct draw and a Magic Flight Orbiter during the same bowl, which isn't possible with most other stems. My favorite feature of this stem, particularly compared to the terrible stock stems, is the screens and their retention system. The Air works much better with a fine grind, I have great results with the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, but even better results with a slightly coarser grind. The stems are LOCKED between the retention ring and the stem itself, so they won't shift or come loose, and allow you to easily stir, mix, or mash your load while in the stem without any worry of dumping it. The stem also pulls apart very easily when cool and is super easy to clean or swap screens. The stirrer that comes with the Air is long enough to go down the length of the stem, which is handy when cleaning.
I didn't expect to be the last stem or adapter I would buy for the Air, but it has become that, this is all I will ever want or need for the Air. I can't recommend it enough.