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WoodScents Traveling Light Controller

WoodScents Traveling Light Controller

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Unleash your WoodScents and let it roam!

I am so happy to have this available now and offer users a portable accessory option for your WoodScents on the go. No need to be tied to an electrical outlet or leave your WoodScents at home any longer. You can now enjoy your WoodScents in the woods or just on your deck.
I have added a USB-C connector jack to the temp controller allowing for a portable power bank to be attached along with a short USB-C to C cable which will power your device for hours.

Connect any USB-C PD compliant power source capable of 12V to the USB-C connection on the temperature controller and use as operate your WoodScents as usual, free from outlets.


Any USB-C PD compliant power bank that fits the above specs (USB-C Profile 2 or greater) can be used, however the one linked below has been thoroughly tested with the WoodScents AromaLog and proven to work. Ask retailer when in doubt and please report back any devices you have tested and know to work. Walmart and Amazon have good return policies and generally items advertising "PD Output: 5V=3A, 9V=2.6A, 15V=1.6A" also support 12V. Generally speaking, the cheapest USB-C PD devices WILL NOT WORK and more devices that are capable are released every few months. More compatible power sources to come. The device has built-in protections to prevent higher than expected voltage from going through the temperature controller, though always test at normal settings and adjust to your preference.

I have gotten 8 non-stop hours at setting 7. traveling light WS power adapters come with a limited 90-day warranty for manufacturers defects.

Have another option below tested by an owner/user at half the price with great results

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