Woot woot celebrating 16 years for Ed's TnT!

Hey hey, that’s right Ed's TnT has been in business this month for 16 amazing years! Can’t begin to tell you how thrilled, excited and grateful I am to be doing what I love and having so much love what I do. It’s incredible how much this crazy idea I had so long ago has lasted this long and grown into what it has.

It’s still exciting to start my days making magic, man glitter flying off the lathe and doing new stuff all the time.

To celebrate this I am running a sale February 22nd through the 28th.

I have changed WoodScents packages streamlining them, where you get a unit, power controls, a WS tip and a straight draw glass stem. All other accessories can be purchased individually if you like. Have been told and asked many times that all the extras aren’t really needed by many users. This will bring the price down and make it easier to score.

I am running a coupon for all items other than WoodScents for 16% off use code "EDS16" to take advantage of that.

Also during the sale orders placed the first day within 24 hours of the start on 2-22-23 at 12am till 12am the following day will be entered into a drawing for a one off piece. There will be a drawing every day for another prize from the orders placed in that 24-hour period. I have done pieces for the TM in a burl, done PID handles in a species not done or offered in that particular product as well as other such pieces for various products. I will post a pic here of that day’s prize as well as the ones following on the next day till the sale is over.

Again, I am so thankful to everyone that has supported me over all these years. Cannot wait to see another 16 to come!

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