OG Thuya Burl WoodScents review by AWistfulNihilist on YouTube

Not every Monday does one find such a great review of your product that can really brighten up a day, but AWistfulNihilist did it. Click that link and subscribe to his channel for some of his other content. He's got some glowing compliments from Troy and Jerry Think Dank for his amusing review of the HighlighTED and delivers again with his review of a stunner OG Thuya Burl WoodScents, preserialized from Fuck Combustion

 This may be age and potentially region restricted, but if you'd like to check out the video it hopefully will play below depending on your browser settings or you can click this link to visit the video in YouTube. Really great balance of humor and covering the product. It's just a bit over 20 minutes and it goes pretty quickly, covering all the original parts, including a chunky 7 fin tip and the original Thuya Burl WoodScents' matching stem and WonG. It's got some amusing moments where he thanks the audience and it's just a fun video to watch. 


Huge thanks to AWistfulNihilist for the great review and all the kind words. I hope the unit brings you many good years and this is just the start of your WoodScents collection. 

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