New Species XL Kit & introducing WS AnoLite Kits

Been thinking of doing this for quite a while. Took a bit longer to make happen than thought but no sweat, it did and I am offering up to everyone next week.

Padauk WoodScents XL Kit

This is a gorgeous species which is very dense and durable. Has very rich red to orange tones with a dark black streaking here and there. I am really excited about these and hope you all are as well.

Now I have been wanting to do an anodized airpath and matching tip for quite some time. I dont know anyone else that is utilizing anodizing in this way so had no idea how it would look nor how the wood itself would affect its look, still quite surprised.


Padauk Midnight Shimmer AnoLite Kit

Above is the Midnight shimmer which I thought would look better within the unit to me personally.


Padauk Aurora AnoLite Kit

This piece is the Aurora which I thought wouldn't look as good as the Midnight Shimmer but think its totally the opposite now, but that's me.

These will all drop early next week. I suggest you keep an eye out, I don't expect them to last long at all.

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