Ed's 420 for days sale April 15th - 30th

Its that time of year again everyone, lets celebrate with 420 for days sale April 15th - 30th!

Ed's TnT 420 2023 Sale Flyer

There will be a daily prize drawn everyday for all orders placed within a 24 hour period. Any order placed within the first 24 hours of when the sale starts will be eligible for the prize drawing that following day. The sale starts at 12:00am the 15th. there will be a different prize every day for all orders placed within that 24 hour period and so on and so forth til the final day of the sale. These prizes will be one offs of various products I offer maybe detailed like no other done or species no normally offered. To find out what those daily prizes are pls follow me at

Instragram here https://www.instagram.com/eds_tnt_/ or

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eds.tnt

Will post there what those prizes will be.

Ed's TnT 420 2023 Sale Flyer

Many of you may know some may not, WoodScents packages have changed making them more affordable with less accessories. These will not be covered under the 420 discount code.

I will be offering 10% off everything else using code "42023" at checkout!

Thank you all for the support over the years, wish you all a great and happy 420!

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