WoodScents Use and Care

WoodScents Use and Care

WoodScents Use

Start by connecting the items above in the order specified. Turn the dial on the temperature control to the desired setting and allow WoodScents few short minutes to achieve temperature. The numbers on the dial correspond to different temperature ranges, and you will find some temperatures are better suited to different scenarios than others. Keep in mind various factors affect what temperature setting to use: material properties, stem/adapter/accessory tupe, and above all personal preference. You may need to experiment with the temperature control dial to find your preferred settings.

Hold your WoodScents at a slight angle and place your stem over the heater core. As you draw, slightly rotate stem for even and optimal vaporization. Repeat process until load is spent. When using the WS with a water pipe use the similar process for loading then place the wooden 14/18mm adapter or either the glass 14mm adapter into the female connection of your water pipe. Invert the WS placing the heat port in the tip as you would with the stem following the same rotating process. Do not leave the WoodScents inverted for long periods of time or unattended. The WS can reach temperatures between 5 – 7 on the dial within 2 minutes. Once you adjust to your preferred set point allow a couple minutes to reach and maintain that temperature. It is not recommended that you run your WoodScents at maximum temperature.

Using the AromaCup is great way to add a pleasurable fragrance to any area of your home for a refreshing Aroma Therapy session. I have included a cotton ball in with the sample of Lemon Grass essence oil, take the cotton ball and unravel it somewhat to making it longer and narrower. Place the cotton around the bottom inside the AromaCup, then put a few drops of essence oil into the cup letting the cotton soak it in. Having the cotton soak in the oil will eliminate any loss of oil due to any accidental spills or falls but still allow it to vaporize releasing it into the air.

Care and Maintenance

I recommend that once spent, the load should be removed immediately.

When warm, simply blowing through the stem or adapter should expel the load from within the tip or end.

If tip/end is not completely free of material, use the included brush and poker to free and clean your stems. Give the stem a final blow through, doing this will reduce the need to fully disassemble and clean.

The WS itself can simply be inverted if any material falls within it, give a lite shaking motion to dislodge anything if needed.

Included with the Woodscent is a tin of Bomb Ass Butter wood treatment.

Use the Bomb Ass Butter (BAB) for the care and maintenance of the unit as well as the wooden stems/adapters.

Wrap a paper towel around your finger and put a small dab of the BAB on the tip of your finger. Wipe and smear the BAB into all areas of the wood.

Take a clean paper towel and then rub and wipe off the excess BAB from the wood.

Doing this will bring back the luster and shine to the wood as well as condition it to ensure its longevity.

There are 4 small o-rings on the Dynavaop Ti tip, these o-rings help hold the tip within the wood firmly.

Put a tiny amount of Bomb Ass Butter on your finger tip and simply wipe on the outside of the o-rings, doing this will lubricate them so they slide within the wood easily for a snug fit. Not doing this may cause the o-rings to be mashed or even tear rendering them unusable.

There is an extra set of 4 o-rings in the WoodScents package in case this occurs or when they become worn.

WoodScents package

The WoodScents package will consist of:
1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog 
1 Vapcap cap
1 3" 14mm matching wood tapered stem with condenser
1 14/18mm matching wood water pipe attachment without condenser
1 WoodScents 14mm glass water pipe adapter, w/2 conical screens
1 12V power adapter
1 Inline rotary temp control
1 right angle extension cable (cord from inline rotary temp dial to WoodScent)
1 extra Ti screen
1 pack extra Ti tip o-rings (4 o-rings)
1 tin Bomb Ass Butter wood conditioner

Woodscents material information

Mother Nature’s blessings are a big deal to me, ensuring they will be around for future generations is a must! As said, I have been doing this for 10 years, during this time I have come to do business with some of the most responsible and accountable dealers/managers/harvesters of these fine and rare wood species. All timber is sustainability harvested from managed tree farms round the globe. Rather than go in and rape the land of its treasures, my guys have invested in the land and its surrounding communities by providing jobs at the farms where locals plant, nurse and grow these beautiful trees to the time of maturity.

Grade 2 Titanium is typically used in applications that require superior corrosion resistance in various aggressive media. Typical applications for the C.P./Commercially Pure grades include chemical process, petroleum refining, biomedical as well as heat ex-changers in an array of different applications. Continuous service temperatures can reach up to 800°F with occasional, intermittent service at 1000°F. Titanium’s C.P. grades corrosion resistance comes from a strongly adherent, stable, protective oxide film, which forms in the presence of oxygen. This film makes the commercially pure titanium grades resistant to most oxidizing.

WoodScents is a completely solder free unit with no unnecessary materials used to secure connections, only SS crimps and splices are used and are totally isolated from the upper air path cavity to ensure a clean and healthy experience when using the WoodScents.

The Cartridge Heater used is a top of the line, high density cartridge heater. The heater is so highly compacted that it produces superior heat transfer, the dielectric and physical strength necessary for long heater life and outstanding performance. Stainless Steel is used as a sheathing material because it provides maximum protection against high temperature oxidation and corrosion from a broad range of chemicals and atmospheres. The sheath can handle temperatures up to 1500°F.

WoodScents has undergone a safety process through VaporAsylum and has earned a Seal of Safety Approval.

I’m glad to say that Ed’s WoodScents Vaporizer has received a Vapor Asylum Safety Seal of Approval! This means that it has been inspected (in this very thread) and is deemed acceptable by VaporAsylum standards. -herbivore21 (VA-SA)

A complete report can be found at VaporAsylum.

Woodscents power supply

A USA style 12 volt wall adapter comes standard with every WoodScents package.

Remember this is a 12V system, an adapter can be used with the WS power adapter or you may pick up your own 12V power adapter if it has a 2.1×5.5mm male connector. Also, be aware that the WS can be powered from any 12V power supply or even battery power from a vehicle and even by using a 4 x 18760 battery VVPS if you happen to have one for on the go out and about.

General Questions

Here at Ed’s TnT, I love doing custom work, to discuss options available contact me at ed@edstnt.com

Woodscents Warranty

The WoodScents unit itself has a lifelong warranty for electrical/power parts as well as the internals and heater core. User must retain proof of purchase for warranty service. Shipping costs for warranty repair of the WoodScents is the responsibility of the customer. All warranty and repairs will be made upon the discretion of Ed's TnT.

Power Adapter, temp. control, & right angle extension cable are warrantied for 90 days from date of purchase.

Glass is not covered under this warranty. The warranty does also not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.

Returns and Refunds

My return policy is as follows,

  • Returned items must be unused and include all original accessories/parts.
  • Within 30 days of delivery, items may be returned if they arrive damaged, defective, or if you just aren’t happy with it initially.
  • If you find an item to be either damaged or defective upon arrival, you will need to contact me via email at ed (at) edstnt.com or by calling (877) 564-5058 to work out a return for said piece.
  • Once I have received the damaged or defective piece I will inspect it for such, once identified we can work out sending you a replacement or issuing you a refund.
  • I repeat, returns for refund or replacement can only be made if the Woodscents, stem or dugout is unused upon me receiving the returned item(s), do not try to clean the piece and send it back, if I find that it has been used no refund will be issued at all!

If you need to return an item, please fill out the Return form.