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 WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions – Ed’s TnT

WoodScents FAQ - Ed's TnT

About Ed’s TnT

Ed’s TnT is a true love affair, a passion I began February 2007 & it is stronger than ever in 2017. I got the wood bug from my hippie father, he made wooden pipes for himself and friends, I remember passing them around when I was a child for them, got a bit bigger and thought hey I can make those and so one day I did! I have been doing it all from web to wood since then, am chef, cook, & bottle washer loving every day I am blessed with!


Q: Why did you decided to develop the best damn log on the planet?

A: My own log vape has been a desire of mine since joining a great community of people on the web at FC. There again I saw and used other log vapes and figured hey I can do that. I have been working on WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Vaporizer since 2009, I would get an idea, start it, fail, then get back to work making vapor stems and dugouts. A while would go by and then I would start the process all over again, finally in 2016 I made my dream a reality and here we are today woot woot!

The WS is made by myself here in the USA where it has always been since 2007 & Ti components are fabricated here in the USA for your enjoyment anywhere in the world.

Not to let that the cat out of the bag but this is just the beginning of the WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Vaporizer, so much is yet to come, heater improvements, temperature control advancements, & even more bells and whistles that you will be surprised all that is in a small log.


Material information

Q: What kind of woods are used & how they are sourced? Is the wood sustainable?

A: Mother Nature’s blessings are a big deal to me, ensuring they will be around for future generations is a must! As said, I have been doing this for 10 years, during this time I have come to do business with some of the most responsible and accountable dealers/managers/harvesters of these fine and rare wood species. All timber is sustainability harvested from managed tree farms round the globe. Rather than go in and rape the land of its treasures, my guys have invested in the land and its surrounding communities by providing jobs at the farms where locals plant, nurse and grow these beautiful trees to the time of maturity.

Q: What is the grade of Ti used & why did you choose it for the WoodScents?

A: Grade 2 Titanium is typically used in applications that require superior corrosion resistance in various aggressive media. Typical applications for the C.P./Commercially Pure grades include chemical process, petroleum refining, biomedical as well as heat ex-changers in an array of different applications. Continuous service temperatures can reach up to 800°F with occasional, intermittent service at 1000°F. Titanium’s C.P. grades corrosion resistance comes from a strongly adherent, stable, protective oxide film, which forms in the presence of oxygen. This film makes the commercially pure titanium grades resistant to most oxidizing.

Q: Is there solder or anything that may off gas inside the unit?

A: WoodScents is a completely solder free unit with no unnecessary materials used to secure connections, only SS crimps and splices are used and are totally isolated from the upper air path cavity to ensure a clean and healthy experience when using the WoodScents.

Q: What kind of heater core is used?

A: The Cartridge Heater used is a top of the line, high density cartridge heater. The heater is so highly compacted that it produces superior heat transfer, the dielectric and physical strength necessary for long heater life and outstanding performance. Stainless Steel is used as a sheathing material because it provides maximum protection against high temperature oxidation and corrosion from a broad range of chemicals and atmospheres. The sheath can handle temperatures up to 1500°F.

Q: Is the WoodScents safe to use?

A: WoodScents has undergone a safety process through VaporAsylum and has earned a Seal of Safety Approval.

herbivore21(VA-SA) – I’m glad to say that Ed’s WoodScents Vaporizer has received a Vapor Asylum Safety Seal of Approval! This means that it has been inspected (in this very thread) and is deemed acceptable by VaporAsylum standards.

A complete report can be found here – http://vaporasylum.com/threads/eds-tnt-woodscents-vaporizer-safety-approved.192/

Power supply

Q: What power supply comes as standard?

A: A USA style 12Volt wall adapter comes standard with every WS package.

Q: Can the US power supply be replaced with a local sourced power supply?

A: Remember this is a 12V system, an adapter can be used with the WS power adapter or you may pick up your own 12V power adapter if it has a 2.1×5.5mm male connector. Also, be aware that the WS can be powered from any 12V power supply or even battery power from a vehicle and even by using a 4 x 18760 battery VVPS if you happen to have one for on the go out and about.



WoodScents construction begins with sourcing the log body from Mother Nature’s blessings. The heart of the WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Vaporizer is its heater which is a power house for attaining and retaining the high temps many users seek. It also handles low temperature vaping, perfect for the flavor chasing users or low temp daytime use.  Air Path Components are made from Grade 2 Titanium for superior corrosion resistance for a cleaner vapor path. 3 Stainless Steel Screws are used to mount the air path within the base of the body. Under the base is a high temperature oring, this oring allows the air path to float and not be mounted directly on the bottom of the body housing. This eliminates much of the heat transfer from the air path the wood housing which has been a downfall of logs for many years. That also with the use of Titanium which has a low rate of heat retention itself minimizes the amount of heat transfer ensuring the longevity of the WS itself.

During testing at max temperature after several hours the titanium base mounting plate when probed was only 250F degrees. Air inlets being in the base mean that air has more metal to travel over where it is heated more so helping to gain those high temp demands. A small simple 2.1×5.5mm DC jack has been installed in the lower cavity where the heater leads and connection are isolated from the air path. The WS air path also utilizes a Ti filter disc unlike past mesh screens, its design and strength allows it to let air travel freely through it while ensuring no significant debris may enter the air path.

WoodScents itself has been tested at extreme temperatures for extended amounts of time, more so than would ever be used in normal situations. After running for 50 continuous hours at maximum temperature the outer wood body was slightly warm, not hot at all. When disassembled and inspected, the interior bottom cavity had no discoloration. The Oring had no sign of degradation nor deterioration and held up extremely well!


Quality Control

Each WoodScents will be individually numbered within the lower cavity and recorded. This number will coincide with a quality control checklist I have implemented that will cover the whole assembly process from top to bottom from start to finish and cover every aspect of the build as well as performance. The original will be securely stored and filed in house, a copy will be sent with the unit to the customer for their records. This will also ensure that if there is a warranty issue you the customer will have proof that this is the unit as numbered and shows having been gone over initialed & dated by myself.


Opening the box:

Powering up & Temp Control

Start by connecting the items above in the order specified. Turn the dial on the temperature control to the desired setting and allow WoodScents few short minutes to achieve temperature.

The numbers on the dial correspond to different temperature ranges, and you will find some temperatures are better suited to different scenarios than others. Keep in mind various factors affect what temperature setting to use: material properties, stem/adapter/accessory tupe, and above all personal preference. You may need to experiment with the temperature control dial to find your preferred settings.

WoodScents Temp Dial Setting Temp

The WoodScents kit includes multiple stem and adapters

WoodScents Stem & Adapter Options - Ed's TnT

WoodScents Wood & Titanium Parts- Ed's TnT

WoodScents Glass Parts & Aromatherapy Parts- Ed's TnT

WoodScents Use - Ed's TnT

Hold your WoodScents at a slight angle and place your stem over the heater core. As you draw, slightly rotate stem for even and optimal vaporization. Repeat process until load is spent. When using the WS with a water pipe use the similar process for loading then place the wooden 14/18mm adapter or either the glass 14mm adapter into the female connection of your water pipe. Invert the WS placing the heat port in the tip as you would with the stem following the same rotating process. Do not leave the WoodScents inverted for long periods of time or unattended.

The WS can reach temperatures between 5 – 7 on the dial within 2 minutes. Once you adjust to your preferred set point allow a couple minutes to reach and maintain that temperature. It is not recommended that you run your WoodScents at maximum temperature.


Cleaning & Maintenance of your WoodScents AromaLog

I recommend that once the load is spent it should be removed immediately. Simply blowing through the stem or adapter should expel the load from within the tip or end. If tip/end is not completely free of material, within every WS accessory package is a brush and poker which may also be used to free and clean your stems. Give the stem a final blow through, doing this will reduce the need to fully disassemble and clean.

Keep in mind a little maintenance goes a long way to ensuring an enjoyable vaping experience. Note: You may/will develop your own routine for using the WS, above is just a simple quick get going guide. The WS itself can simply be inverted if any material falls within it, give a lite shaking motion to dislodge anything if needed.

Also, included with the WS is a tin of Bomb Ass Butter wood treatment, this is great for the care and maintenance of the unit as well as the wooden stem/adapter. Take a paper towel with it wrapped around your finger tip, get a small dab on the PT then wipe and smear into all areas of the wood. Take a clean paper towel and then rub and wipe off the remaining BAB from the wood. Doing this will bring back the luster and shine to the wood as well as conditioning it to ensure its longevity.

BAB can and should be used when removing & replacing the Ti tip within the wood stem/adapter. There are 4 small orings on the Ti tip, these orings help hold the tip within the wood snug and firmly. You can get a tiny amount on your finger tip and simply wipe on the outside of the orings, doing this will lubricate them so they slide within the wood easily for a snug fit. Not doing this may cause the orings to be mashed or even tear rendering them unusable. There is also another set of 4 orings in the WS ACC. Package in case this occurs or when they become worn from swapping to either.


Aromatherapy use

Using the AromaCup is great way to add a pleasurable fragrance to any area of your home for a refreshing Aroma Therapy session. I have included a cotton ball in with the sample of Lemon Grass essence oil, take the cotton ball and unravel it somewhat to making it longer and narrower. Place the cotton around the bottom inside the AromaCup, then put a few drops of essence oil into the cup letting the cotton soak it in. Having the cotton soak in the oil will eliminate any loss of oil due to any accidental spills or falls but still allow it to vaporize releasing it into the air.


WoodScents AromaLog packages

Q: What gear comes in your Domestic package?

A: The Domestic Package is on the lower end of price but a solid and heavy package! Will be a hand turned US domestic wood species with all the accessories to handle any situation you can throw at it including:

Q: What gear comes in your exotic package?

A: The Exotic Package is a step above the domestic, consists of a top quality exotic wood species hand turned with all the accessories as in the domestic package.

Q: What gear comes in your premium package?

A: The Premium Package is a step above the exotic, consists of the highest quality burl (an abnormality in the tree which is the most sought after and desired part of the tree, rare and some of the most expensive blocks of wood on this earth) wood species hand turned with all the accessories as in the domestic package.  

Q: What gear comes in your priceless package?

A: The Priceless Package is a step above the premium, consists of a timeless hand turned Bog Oak WS Radio Carbon Dated to be at an age of at least 2500 years old. This package will most importantly come with the RCD paperwork to authenticate it and with all the accessories as in the domestic package.


How to order your WoodScents AromaLog

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Simply go to the product page of the WoodScents you would like to purchase. At the right side, near to the top you will see ADD TO CART button, to the left of that you have the number of units you would like to add to cart. Leave number at 1 if that’s all you would like to purchase then hit the add to cart button.

Having done that your screen will refresh and above the product you will have a narrow green banner above the product stating that product has been added to your cart. Within that banner is a dark green VIEW CART button. Clicking this button will take you to your shopping cart page where you will see your product, below you will notice under your subtotal Shipping is FREE! Below that is your total, what you see at the product page is what you pay, there are no added-on fees or unexpected expenses, again what you see is what you pay, simple as that!

You will click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. You will be taken to the billing/shipping info page where you will be able to enter that and review your order before placing that order. When placing your order, use the correct billing address associated with the credit card you are using. Your shipping address can differ but it’s a must that the credit card billing address is 100% accurate or the order will be voided due to error.

Once you have listed all that and looked over it you will click the PLACE ORDER button at the bottom right. You will be directed to my merchant processor Authorize.net where safely and securely you can enter your credit card information. I accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB, ENRoute, & JCB. Click the Pay Now button at the bottom, you are all done.

Q: I love your vapes but want an extra special one. Do you make custom WoodScents?

A: Here at Ed’s TnT, I love doing custom work, to discuss options available contact me at ed@edstnt.com


Making payment                                                                             

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Ed’s TnT accepts all major credit cards. PayPal is not an option, do not ask if it may be used.



Q: How you package your goods?

A: All orders are packaged neatly and discreetly as possible in the smallest bubble mailer possible with only a return street address for orders sent within the US. Internationally Same packaging practice with discretion. Larger orders will be packaged following the same process just with a larger shipping box or tube.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: I do ship internationally for free using standard first class USPS shipping. The rate of shipping will be determined by the size of the order, a lot of times this will determine the delivery time. All orders will receive tracking info by email when order is packed and labeled.

Q: How long a delivery takes usually?

A: All orders within the US will normally take 2-5 days for the most part. International will vary of course. All international orders ship smoothly usually in a timely manner. Occasionally, it may run into a delay, being customs here in the US when departing or sitting at customs in the country where the order is to be delivered. I can’t guarantee shipping delivery times when it comes to international orders and won’t begin to try. Rest assured Ed’s TnT has had countless international shipments made but due to the variables listed above it is not possible to guarantee international delivery times.



WoodScents itself has a lifetime warranty! This includes internal Titanium components and heater cartridge. Power supplies, temperature controls, and extension cables are warrantied for 12 months from purchase. After 12 months’ replacement of electrical parts maybe purchased from Ed’s TnT. Glass is not covered under this warranty. User must retain proof of purchase for warranty service. The warranty does not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.

Returns: Shipping costs for warranty repair of the WoodScents is the responsibility of the customer. All warranty and or repairs will be made upon the discretion of Ed’s TnT.

Have a look!





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