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Hello and good morning, wow after 8 long years and starts and stops, ups and downs I released the WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser with great success a few short weeks back. What launch and roll out would it be without a few bumps, all that has been smoothed out and will be spending the week working on more WoodScents to make available next week. I have some beautiful blocks shaped and in various steps of completion. I have a several new species I haven’t been able to work up just yet, two tone curly Mexican Katalox, Canadian Flaming Box Elder Burl, also really nice Apple. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do and do it for all of you! I have been getting some great feedback and wanted to share a bit here,

I just have been using the WS for little over a week. I’ve just been mainly using this unit except for when I was trying out my GH. This log vape heats up quick. You don’t need to heat soak the stem and it uses less material.

My sessions are shorter because you can’t fit that much in the oven but I don’t care about that. I can always reload if I want to. My session is around 8 min. With a full stem. You don’t need to leave this unit on 24/7 because of the short heat up time. I’ve been using the wooden stem and I inserted the Ti tip into that. I really like the Ti tip.

I’ve used the glass stem and it works fine, it’s a little wobbly and its suppose to fit like that, I get excellent taste with either stem.

I think the WoodScents is a great log vaporizer, I’m really enjoying it.

WoodScents Burl Ti AromaLog - Eds TnT
There is a lot of great stuff still yet to come from the WoodScents so keep your eyes peeled and stay posted!

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