The Runt - Black Limba - Sticky Brick
The Runt - Black Limba - Sticky Brick

The Runt - Black Limba - Sticky Brick

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Went out to CHAMPS winter show and met the man himself. Have had a few interactions with Kenny over the past, he’s always been helpful and friendly. After meeting him in person, talking shop and wood I really enjoyed our time in person.

Finally got a chance to give his work a personal look and see all the time and effort he puts into all his pieces. Anyone familiar with Sticky Brick already knows how true the joints are and how well put together each unit is.


The Sticky Brick Runt

The Sticky Brick Runt is a portable unit made from hardwood, designed and made in the mountains of western North Carolina. The Runt is an on-demand butane powered unit that delivers instant convection vapor whenever you need it. No batteries, no power, simply a butane torch and you are ready to go instantly.

Like the original Sticky Brick OG, Sticky Brick Labs designed the Runt for thick, 100% true convection on demand. The Sticky Brick Junior reaches operating temperature instantly using the included butane torch. The 316 stainless Restrictor Disc comes installed below the flame intake to insure smooth, even performance for ease of use. The Runt fits is handmade in America from the most beautiful hardwood and finished with 100% natural finishes. Each part of the Runt is secured using neodymium magnets for easy cleaning. The Runts hardwood construction isn’t just for looks, it ensures longevity and durability for years. Sticky Brick Labs uses the highest quality Simax glass that is made on site near Asheville North Carolina. Sticky Brick Labs has a lifetime warranty on the bodies and a 15-day warranty on the glass. The Runt is Sticky Brick Labs most refined device to date and is ready to go when you are.


Sticky Brick Runt

2 Stainless Steel Restrictor Discs

1 Butane Torch (Unfilled)

6 pack of titanium screens

Stir/Cleaning tools

Concentrate Pad

Carb Cork

Lifetime Warranty 15 days for glass


Only made sense to ask to offer his work through my site being wood and being in the same class as what I do. Is great to support another maker and wood worker in our industry.

So, grab a Sticky Brick Junior here at Ed's TnT today!