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Mighty Titanium Capsules

Mighty Titanium Capsules

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TiCaps are an all-titanium version of our SSteelCaps.

These not only work with the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers but also Volcano and Plenty vapes when they're paired with chamber reducer. If you're already familiar with the advantages of these materials you probably know the benefits that Titanium offers. Often called "glass of metals" because of its thermal conductivity proprieties. Where Stainless Steel offers greater heat retention. Titanium will transfer the heat progressively.

Titanium Caps offers both intense vapor and great flavors to maximum their potential. Conduction-convection balance is also a plus, convection thanks to smooth light heat as well intense heat distribution thanks to the titanium proprieties. The vape session is longer; the flavors are more distinct for a more enjoyable vaping experience.

We find of course the same winning advantages as with the SSteelCaps concept. You can push out the bottom screen of the capsule, detach it and position this screen where it suits you on capsule height level so you can have any capsule filling volume you like.

These are offered in singles or 3pks.

Titanium is one of the strongest, more solid material on Earth, you can bet that your TiCaps will last for a lifetime ! 

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