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Mighty Glass Capsule

Mighty Glass Capsule

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I am thrilled to finally be able to offer these awesome Glass Caps for Mighty / Mighty+, Crafty / Crafty+, as well as the Volcano and Plenty if the they have the chamber reducer installed. These are an excellent dosing capsule for those looking accentuated flavor and a smoother session.

Made of borosilicate glass, the thermal proprieties are probably the best in comparison than any other material. Thermal expansion is of equal magnitude in any direction through the material which allows and assures the homogeneity of the herb heating and thermal energy application to the herbs. The heat is more evenly dispersed while not overheating, providing for a more thorough extraction.

You will notice during use the glass caps in the Mighty or Crafty will take some time to absorb the thermal energy which will cause the first draw to have minimal vapor but with very strong accentuated flavor. The second draw will have noticeably more vapor with even more flavor. By the 3rd draw efficiency is far more intense with dense vapor that will continue till spent.

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