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Flame Box Elder Burl Woodscents

Flame Box Elder Burl Woodscents

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What is included with the WoodScents?
The WoodScents package will consist of:

1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog
1 Titanium Vapcap tip w/Titanium screen & o-rings
1 WoodScents Ti-Tip Glass AromaStem 4"
1 WoodScents Digital Variable Voltage Controller

It's that time of year again woot woot, did something different this year wanting to show another side of the WoodScents I hadn’t before. In doing so there are a lot of faces giving the individual character each species has a unique look. I am really excited about the new 2023’ model.

Wow what a beautiful and diverse species Flame Box Elder Burl is! Got these blocks in from a good friend from Canada, he and I have been working with each other for years. He has a large place up there where he harvests his own timber and burls as well. I have bought Flame Box Elder Burl in the past and it’s never impressed me. I only made 4 Flame Box Elder Burl WoodScents this go from this species, and you can see for yourself that each piece is different. The first from the left has striking bursts or color very figured. The second is all white & slammed with burl eyes, just packed with em. 3rd is a sweet stunner is about half and half in tone, one side just has the subtle red mixed in the eyes. Lastly you this one has many eyes but also worm holes to give it even more character where you can see inside the unit. I am very happy to offer these and hope you all like what you see!

There have been a couple of slight changes here and there. Replaced the air path filter disc with a form fit titanium mesh screen and replaced the WS tip with a titanium mesh screen. Another upgrade will be a digital variable voltage power supply replacing the analog controller.

The WoodScents air path floats so to speak seated on top of a high temperature oring. Using medical-grade Titanium and our patented installation allows for the least amount of heat retention and metal to wood heat transfer will ensure the longevity of the unit. WoodScents is fully patented. Rest assured that your WoodScents will last!

WoodScents is the most advanced Log on the market and the only unit that utilizes Titanium Medical Grade 2 materials to create the cleanest healthiest air path ever offered.

Each WoodScents package will be shipped with insurance to protect your purchase from site to delivery automatically!

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