DynaVap/WoodScents Serviceberry 3" Stem Detailed

DynaVap/WoodScents Serviceberry 3" Stem Detailed

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I am going to start doing short drop of detailed stems. First launch will be these beautiful turned Ohio Serviceberry 3"L bodies. This stem features two deep coves for easy manipulation for twisting with your fingers when in use with WoodScents or a butane torch on a VapCap. This has been tapered to 14mm at the mouthpiece to be used with your favorite water tool.

These will come with an XL condenser and O-rings.

Does not include cap or tip.

Be advised, as with all my work its natural as Mother Nature intended. There may be voids, worm holes, live edges and raw features. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. The piece you receive most likely will not be exactly the same as what is pictured but will be a beautifully unique handcrafted unit.