Wormhole Kit Arizer EQ & V Tower - Ed's TnT
Wormhole Kit Arizer EQ & V Tower - Ed's TnT

Wormhole Kit Arizer EQ & V Tower – Ed’s TnT


You simply can’t go wrong with this piece, it’s a must for any one that owns either or even both, it’s not just an accessory, it’s an upgrade to a more efficient & effective vaping!

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Product Description

The WormHole is a redesigned alternative glass bowl for the Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower. The Worm Hole’s basic design was abandoned and instead of having the same diameter through the entire length of the cyclone bowl, the MyVapeLAB guys made it smaller in the middle and reduced its tube almost twice in the middle. So the end design of the WormHole is just like the regular cyclone bowl with two female 19mm connections at each end. Starting at the end, the female joint has the normal diameter as standard for 10mm’s of length, then the reduction starts for a length of 50mm’s approximately. This reduced section has a 14mm of diameter and contains small notches blown into the tube walls for retaining the conical SS base screen, it prevents the material from falling inside the heating unit. The great advantage of this conical screen is that it is seated firmly and secure during vape sessions and will keep the unit clean and prevent the user from inhaling particles. Through the center the opposing end is identical in shape and form.

Wormhole Kit Arizer EQ & V Tower - Ed's TnT

The main benefit of this piece is achieved by the reduction through the middle section of the bowl giving it the wormhole form (like the sand clock shape of the space phenomena representing the dimensional tunnel in the space and time) is the smaller concentrated material chamber (14mm diameter) improves and concentrates the air flow. This smaller diameter conduction tunnel allows for less vaping material and an even better heat extraction providing denser vapor increasing flavor and effect! The first screen is secured in place; the second conical screen is inserted after you’ve filled the inner section with the desired amount of material. The second screen is used to hold the material in place for a more efficient and effective airflow for there again better extraction. The WormHole is more than a simple glass accessory, it comes as a complete kit with a wooden tool that can be used to put the screens in place, a stainless steel stir tool with a hand blown glass pokey, as well as two conical SS screens. The WormHole Kit for your Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower will be your best investment, the benefits will be clear and immediate after your first use. Yeah, sucks when glass breaks and you gotta get another replacement, ugh, notice the added black silicone sleeves around each end of the female joints, this added layer provides protection from drops and falls.

All these wonderful glass pieces have been created by the great people at MyVapeLAB in France from the highest quality materials that you will find are of the best on the world market!



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