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Ed's WoodScents Ti Aroma Log Thuya Burl - Ed's TnTThuya Burl WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

WoodScents Thuya Burl Titanium AromaLog Diffuser – Ed’s TnT


These WoodScents Thuya Burl AromaLog Diffuser is of the highest quality wood species I have made yet!

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WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser textWoodScents Thuya Burl Titanium AromaLog Diffuser – Ed’s TnT

Thuya Burl WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

Thuya Burl is by far some of the finest burl I have ever worked in my life! These WoodScents Thuya Burl AromaLog Diffusers are of the highest quality wood species I have made yet. Thuya wood (pronounced twee-ya) is from the Thuya tree (Tetraclinis articulate in Latin, and Araar in Moroccan). This biblical tree is from the cedar family, and is exclusively native to Morocco. This highly praised conifer grows only in the forests of the Atlas mountains east of Essaouira, the beautiful coastal town famous for its ancient and contemporary history, museums, art galleries, world music festival, and above all for its Thuya wood craftsmanship. Thuya wood was highly praised by Romans and Greeks, and its oils were used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Thuya trees reach maturity over many decades. Still the praised part of this tree is not the trunk, but the burl buried in the ground. The burl has a deeper color, a more concentrated aroma, and a fascinating grain. Today these burls are very scarce and hard to locate, extract, and transport. High demand over the centuries has greatly reduced the Thuya forests, and looking for underground burls is something like sifting through sand for grains of gold. Moreover, most of these burls are very small, therefore the fact that most of the items made from this luxurious wood are of a small nature. Another hindrance is that burls generally have large splits and defects that need to be cut out. When luck strikes and a large solid burl is found, it is bid on by artisans, and is sold to the highest bidder. Burls are moved from mountainous areas on mules and donkeys as they are the only form of transportation suited to the task. All that having been said, the real value of the Thuya handcrafted goods is in the highly skilled artists who intricately design Thuya burls into breath taking masterpieces. It is a lot of fun for me to turn, finishing it is the best part. Seeing it in all its glory sleek and stunning makes all the extra work all worth it!

I don’t want to nickle and dime anyone, I want you to be able to handle any situation straight out of the box. The WoodScents package will consist of

· 12v wall adapter power supply

· Inline rotary temperature control

· Right angle extension cable

· Matching 3″ 14mm tapered wooden Aroma Stem

· VapCap Cap by DynaVap

· Matching 2″ 14/18mm wooden aroma WPA

· Glass oil AromaCup

· 4″ Straight glass Aroma Stem

· 14mm glass Aroma WPA

· Titanium tip for wood Aroma Stem w/Ti disc & orings installed

As well as all this you will also receive an extra set of orings, extra Ti filter disc, a poker/stir tool, small brush for cleaning and maintenance, a wooden push rod for adjusting the depth of the Ti filter disc within the tip for smaller loads, a small tin of Bomb Ass Butter for lubing the orings when swapping the tip from wood stem to wood WPA, a couple conical mesh filters for glassware.

Have a look!

WoodScents has undergone a safety process analysis through VaporAsylum and has earned a Seal of Safety Approval.

Also keep in mind that every order ships free worldwide so you don’t have to pay that expense either!

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