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Wooden Zebrawood Dugout – One-Hitter –Tobacco smoking device-EdsTnT


These wooden dugouts are the same size as they have always been, 4” tall x 2” wide x 3/4” thick, slim and sleek, an easy tote, with a lot of punch!

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This Wooden African Zebrawood Dugout smoking system is hand crafted by myself from exotic African Zebrawood and has a twist top lid to secure the pipe and stash. It’s the same size as your standard wood dugout at 4”H x 2W” and about 1” thick. It’s all you need when on the go or doing time away with the included 3” cigarette style one hitter bat. It has two compartments; one which holds the cigarette bat, the other is used for storage of your herbal material. Completely hand made here in the USA for you to enjoy anywhere.

To use, twist open the lid, remove the cigarette bat, push the cigarette bat into the storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the bat with enough smoking material for “one hit”. When finished, simply replace the cigarette bat, and twist it closed.

Dugout systems with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of Tobacco.

African Zebrawood Wooden Dugout - One Hitter - Ed's TnTDon’t forget to check out the one hitter bats I offer as well, have several different species of wooden bats with the Digger tips, as well as your familiar various metal bats and the highest quality quartz bats also.

From equatorial western Africa, Zebrawood is usually logged by hand with a hundred men or more on mountain slopes. One of the most appealing features of Zebrawood is the exotic appearance of the colorful grain. Black golden lines make this an excellent choice for many projects. Zebrawood has interlocking grain that can produce beautiful iridescence in quartersawn boards!  The wood is prone to checking and twisting if not properly cared for.  Uses include: furniture, cabinets, architectural applications (veneer), turned articles, rifle stocks, and boxes.  It generally has nice grain and colors!

These wooden dugouts are the same size as they have always been, slim and sleek, an easy tote, with a lot of punch!


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