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Wooden Buckeye Burl Dugouts – One-Hitters – Ed’s TnT

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I have worked Buckeye several times and have found it to be a fun wood to make Wooden Buckeye Burl Dugouts but also a headache at times. These are by far some of the finest I have ever made!

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Wooden Buckeye Burl Dugouts – One-Hitters – Ed’s TnT

I have worked Buckeye several times and have found it to be a fun wood to make Wooden Buckeye Burl Dugouts but also a headache at times. These re by far some of the finest I have ever made! Some work out and look fantastic other pieces can go south at the very last step and its off to the boneyard they go, such a disappointment and let down.

Buckeye Burl (Aesculus californica) is an unusual species. Colors range from blue-black to golden whites with a nice mixture in between. Buckeye is a very difficult and expensive wood to mill. Some of the obstacles faced when milling are rocks, sand, dirt, bullets, and rattle snakes. Yes, rattle snakes inside the voids in the burl! The Base of the tree (root wad) that is underground produces 90% or more of the burl. The burls can range from 50 pounds up to several thousand in their natural state. When converting a burl into usable wood there is usually between 60-75% waste. Buckeye is processed all the way down to half pen blanks to yield everything possible. Buckeye is purchased in raw form by the pound and then trucked to a mill. About a third of the cost of milling is labor, followed by blades. When the wood dries it loses almost all of its weight. A block that weighed 7 pounds wet only weighs a little over a pound when it dried. This is why the burl is sold by the piece so that you get the best value.

Buckeye will commonly have bark incursions, live edges, and voids in burl eyes. These are commonly filled with crushed minerals or left as voids to add natural beauty in finished projects. Although Buckeye is a hardwood it is much softer than many soft woods. Buckeye is often used in decorative boxes and in Electric and Bass guitars.

2 reviews for Wooden Buckeye Burl Dugouts – One-Hitters – Ed’s TnT

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I ordered this dugout and was truly AMAZED by the beauty and craftsmanship! Ed provided excellent customer service and prompt delivery. Don’t waste your hard earned money on cheap craftsmanship and inferior products on to be left unsatisfied and disappointed. Buy American and from a PRO that not only takes pride in his craft but also treats every customer with respect!

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      Wow, thanks so much for the kind words bro! Ya know we spoke about these pieces and I gave you my honest thoughts and feelings, you told me what you wanted and I did all I could to make sure I got you right, I am glad I was able to! Yeah yeah money is great and all but its not about the money to me, its your appreciation and happiness that means the most to me! Respect is what its all about to my man, My old man told me you show respect and you get respect, plain and simple. I treat all others as I would want to be treated and that’s the golden rule! Thanks again for the kind words and by all means if I can ever do anything else for you pls let me know. I wish you well and all the best!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    So Amazed, Stunned and in Awe,
    I just received my order from Ed and I couldn’t get here to leave a comment fast enough!
    I ordered a Buckeye Burl and also a Boxelder Burl wood dugout, and putting it very mildly… GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! I am truly blown away! Mind You, I am one tough cookie to impress! I have never seen anything like these two pieces. One of these Beauties “WAS” to be a Birthday Gift for a Brother In Law, but now I am torn. Would it make me a bad person to just “Give Away” something like this? LMAO!! I’ve never seen such beautiful work, and such beautiful colors. Not only am I Stoked about these dugouts, I am still in amazement that Ed “IS” customer service, Seriously! I had questions and called, and I actually spoke to Ed – Himself! Not a salesman, or call center, or robot, NOPE….. Ed told me over the phone that he was going to be sending me a couple pieces that were gonna blown my socks off and HE WAS 100% CORRECT!! I’ve had dugouts before that were what I thought to be nice, But a side by side comparison leaves you speechless. If you truly appreciate beauty and craftsmanship you owe it to yourself to give these a look at and try. True Story, Of all places I opened my package at my office, in front of 20 people, and everybody had to check them out. Ed, I Told you I’d be sending you more business….LOL
    These pieces will be heirlooms, I’m not even joking!

    • :

      Wow, jeez what kind words bro, I am most grateful and cant say how nice it is to see these when starting my day! I told ya they would be show stoppers and glad you feel so! My man if there is ever anything else I can do for you pls let me know! I wish you well and all the best!

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