Bonquile WP-Hookah Converter
Bonguile WP - Hookah Converter w-18mm Female Adapter

Bonguile WP Hookah Converter – Ed’s TnT


The Bonguilé is an ultimate vapor cooling and filtration accessory!


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Product Description

The Bonguilé is an ultimate vapor cooling and filtration accessory that is intended to be used with a standard water pipe in order to convert it from normal style to a hookah type. Equipped with conical cork stopper The Bonguilé can be inserted on the mouth piece/top of the water pipe, this way it eliminates this need to adapt a silicone or a glass thicker whip as in the middle of the Bonguilé. The glass vapor conductor that ends with 18mm female connection allows the whip attachment. So The Bonguilé is an accessory made of glass and cork, imagined and designed to permit the vaporization with a water pipe of mid to larger sizes for class, style, and pleasure!

Bonguile WP - Hookah Converter w-18mm Female Adapter

The connection between them, the top/mouthpiece of the water pipe & the cork of the Bonguilé will ensure there is no air gaps or leakage. The upper part of the water pipe is reduced to the 18mm female connection that permits you to attach a silicone whip by connecting it to this female Bonguilé connector by its own 18mm male adapter on the silicone whip end. On the other side you can attach a glass or wooden mouthpiece as well. This perfect seal will guarantee excellent air intake that will allow you to use the inhalation whip of a hookah thanks to the Bonguilé we can attach the hookah whip to any kind water pipe even into the very big models. Bonguilé will reduce the mouthpiece intake of all of the water pipes having upper mouthpieces opening with diameter ranging between 25mm and 45mm.

All these wonderful glass pieces have been created by the great people at MyVapeLAB in France from the highest quality materials that you will find are of the best on the world market!



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