AdjustAWP-Adjustable Aromed 4.0 Chamber - Ed's TnT
AdjustAWP-Adjustable Aromed 4.0 Chamber - Ed's TnT

AdjustAWP-Adjustable Aromed 4.0 Chamber – Ed’s TnT

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Just what you need for your AroMed!

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Just what you need for your AroMed!

If you have an Aromed I am sure you have thought of attaching it to a larger water pipe! This Aromed 4.0 Atomic Chamber with universal adjustable WP diffuser accessory is so much more than a simple new type of the Aromed chamber, it contains within itself a universal diffuser for the Water Pipe. This means that it can fit any length diffuser within your WP as long as it has an 18mm female connection, it has a sliding Pyrex screw with WP 18mm male connection that can be tightened and fixed at any level of the diffuser making it possible to adjust to many lengths.AdjustAWP-Adjustable Aromed 4.0 Chamber - Ed's TnT


The other advantage of this special Aromed 4.0 universal chamber is the redesigned filling chamber system where the same principle as in WormHole bowl for Arizer Extreme Q. Two conical screens are inside the beginning of the thinner tube. You position the larger part of the tube on the Aromed lamp as you do it with the original chamber and on the other side you connect everything to the WP and from its mouthpiece you’ll draw to inhale. This way as soon as the hot air is drawn into the inner tube your material is exposed directly to the convection stream. First screen is here to retain the matter so it won’t be inhaled and the second screen is used to close the chamber once you’ve filled it. This way your load is snug and secure packed between two screens so the hot air is concentrated in the beginning of the inner tube providing the best extraction and boosts the density of the vapor while way improving the flavor over the original Aromed chamber. Thanks to this Universal WP Aromed 4.0 chamber you can now connect your Aromed to any WP utilizing a 18mm female connection no matter what its diffuser length is!


All these wonderful glass pieces have been created by the great people at MyVapeLAB in France from the highest quality materials that you will find are of the best on the world market!


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  1. 5 out of 5


    This glass piece does exactly what the description claims. Note that the 18mm joint is too big to fit the original water filter’s 14mm joint. The inner diameter of the stem is significantly wider than the original Magic Glass tube, which combined with its diffusion, makes for a faster and smoother experience. I would recommend this chamber to anyone who owns both an AroMed and a conventional water pipe.

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      Hey hey my man, So glad you found it to be so and thank you so much for posting up for all others to see your findings! I appreciate you and hope all is well for you, wish you all the best and many good times with your piece. Take care and be safe!

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