Whats going on 6-24-17 – Ed’s TnT

Good morning everyone, hope all is going well for you all. I thought we were through the rain but then got a tropical storm dumping a bunch of water on us again. I am so sick of the rain I mean just ughhhhh not happy about it. So I dvr a bunch of shows for […]

Happenings 5-17-17 – Ed’s TnT

Good morning, had some good days as of last. Had my sons for 4 days and did some great time with them. Took my oldest to work for his first full weekend, he is really digging his job, even got 2 paychecks, only for 4 hours each but hey money is money and it all […]

Spring happenings 5-3-17 – Ed’s TnT

Hello and good morning, so hope all is well out there! What a weekend, the boys did great at the shoot Saturday as best they could considering the conditions. Wind got upped day before to 25-30mph gusting at 35+ so so not cool. At 150′ wind like that had the little .22 lead all over […]

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