Gosh it has been a wild year so far has it not? With the virus and all that has come with adapting to how we live and overcoming the trials of it all it has been quite the year so far.

It is that time of the year again and so the time has come to change the look of the WoodScents. Had a few ideas I wanted to try and bought new tooling to do so but after several attempts at this detail or that it just was not a go.I knew I wanted to the body to have an hourglass form but wanted to add some detail to set it off from just being a flat surface.

                                                                        Did this one in two tone Amboyna Burl

You can see that this design really lets the beauty of the wood speak for itself. Gives it the length to showcase it fully without breaking apart the midsection.

Did it first in the shape I wanted and was thinking how I could I add to this and set it off without taking away from it. I first added one small V groove at the upper and lower which looked ok but was not enough. Added the opposing V groove and was like BAMB that is it.

                                                    Gotta love Armenian Caucasian Mountain Walnut Burl

Thought long and hard about adding burn bands but though that would take away from it and let the eye look somewhere else and not focus on the full figure.

The form and shape of these fit so well in the hand. The overall size is the same as WS in past models at 4"height and just a touch over 2" OD.

                                                    This is a first for me in slammed Russian Olivewood Burl

I am happy with how these have finished and hope you all like what I have done.

I know I have been mostly out of stock in WS for quite some time. Have been dealing with parts delays and such but hope that is over with soon for a while.

Have been working with Sneaky Pete at GWNVC to offer a lite package which many have been able to grab. Have just begun working with Randy at puffitup.com to get several species out as well as an exclusive soon to be released and offered only by them so stay tuned for that treasure.

Have also opened a couple new dealers in Australia and England to offer these also in other parts of the world.

 Really excited to hear what you all think of the new 2020 and hope you will let me know here. Am getting great feedback at IG, let me hear it here pls.

Shooting to have these available by the end of the month, pls hang in there with me.


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