As the title says Sticky Brick Vapes will be soon available from Ed's TnT.

While out at CHAMPS last month I got to meet Kenny from Sticky Brick Labs. I have had a few interactions with him in the past, he's has always been helpful and very friendly. In person he was the same and more so since we both come from similar backgrounds and dig talking shop more than anything else. I gotta be honest its what geeks me out, tools machines, wood species this bit or that, you start talking shop you got me.

His work is top shelf all his joints are tight, connections are clean, holes are true, gotta love wood and so I do. Gave it some thought and only seemed fitting being how I am a wood guy, so is he and admire his work that I want offer it here as well.

I only offer quality wood vaporizers and accessories and will soon be offering Sticky Brick Jr's and Runts so keep an eye out and grab one!

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Woot, woot, wood
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