That's right yall, 13 years in business is behind me and am looking forward to the 14th. coming. I am most grateful for all the great work I have been able to do for so many and want to offer the best deal of the year.

I am giving 13% off your entire purchase at checkout, that's a heckofa deal on so many great pieces.

Sale will rune March 4th. through the 8th.

Enter code "wootwoot" at checkout to take advantage of this deal!

13th Anniversary Kings Cup Holy Grail Raffle Package - Ed's TnT
Here's a chance to get a one of a kind like no other ever to be done again, the Holy Grail King's Cup Slammed WoodScents...
Sticky Brick Vapes Coming Soon to Ed's TnT
Keep an eye Sticky Brick Jr's & Runts coming soon!...
Woot, woot, wood
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