Good morning everyone, hope all is going good for you all and you all are gearing up for the Black Friday Sales event going on everywhere. Woot woot I have my eyes on a few different places for tools and such as well as a couple of my hobbies.

I have been giving it all in the shop working on restock of many WS species getting that all ready for the coming Black Friday Sale I am launching Nov. 27th through Dec. 2nd where you can get 10 percent off your entire shopping cart total using coupon code GIVETHANKS at checkout.

I have gotten in a huge load of Moroccan Thuya Burl in directly from there. Had to get 50Kg of the stuff to make it worthwhile and lower shipping costs. I have gotten an importers shipping account setup which cut me some slack, but do you know much 50Kg of burl makes, ohh yeah, it’s a freaking lot lol. I will have it back in stock and available for a long time to come. Here is a piece I just finished up for restocking it

Jeez these blanks are the finest I have had the chance to work. I am saying these are slammed burl WoodScents. These have been a joy to work.

Have also gotten in a load of Applewood logs. I have been searching for the longest time to get logs that are dry and within the size needed for WS. I have done a couple to three of these in just as many species in the past and with this load will be able to offer them for at least a few more than a dozen pieces. I have posted a few pics at IG and have asked around. Looks like this is the first ever Log LogVape WoodScents

I posted this one below a 50/50 LE/Finished WoodScents and a follower of mine asked if I could do a solid body log WoodScents and so it is as you see above.

How neat is that, you can see the lichen on the bark and enjoy the LE natural look as well as the turned and finished concave inner.

Now I will have 3 of these ready to rip for the sale next week and working on more from then on.

I have also turned another stunning Karelian Burl WoodScents that will also be up for grabs next week. There are only a few of these in existence and go oh so fast. If you are eyeing it now and want it, you better jump on its ASAP.

Also working on finishing up WS-DV workstations this next couple of days and will be releasing them middle of the week as well. Pics and specs to come soon.

Ohh if you haven’t taken part in the 3rd Annual Make A Wish Fundraiser Raffle just yet I encourage you to do so. Time is running out to get those entries in for a chance at a huge grand prize like no other awarded to a single winner. There will also be 18 runner up prizes awarded to just as many lucky winners offered up DynaVap.

I appreciate you all and wish everyone a great Thanksgiving week ahead. Let’s all take a minute and be thankful for what we have and give thanks for that and for those that may not have as much as we do let’s do our part in some way big or small to give back to those that don’t have as much as we do. Sometimes all it takes is nothing more than a smile or holding open a door for another.

I can’t tell you how good I have it and how thankful I am. I am not rich nor ever will be. I do what I love and love that others love what I do. I go through trials like everyone else. Some are big, some are small, some only last a short time while others may go on and on for days and days and may seem like there is no end in sight but in the end all will work out and be what it’s supposed to.

Take care everyone and be safe out there, enjoy the time with your family and cherish the moments you have.

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3rd annual MAW Full Grand Prize reveal - Eds TnT...
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