Gosh it’s been go go go here since the move getting settled in and getting the shops back in full operation. Has been quite an exciting time past, present and wow what’s to come.

Starting off with the WoodScents heater upgrade that I will be releasing in the first part of September. For the past few months I have been trying this, testing that. Have gone over what I felt was too much then back to where it’s just right. The new heaters going out will be a 40% increase across the entire temp scale with a bit more on the high end. They still max out in about 5 minutes with a bit more on the high end at 750-760. This is the temp across the heater itself. All settings across the scale have increased so pay close attention to the temp scale in your paperwork with the new units.

I am sure there will be many questions about this change and will do my best to answer any and all as best I can.

Did this beauty live edge Amboyna Burl 2 tone piece for a good guy as a custom job and his first WS. Bench tested and handled the new heater very well.

I also have some glass coming for the WS tip that can be used as a bubbler and nectar collector

made in America from my glass guy who does amazing work you all are aware of. I look to have these in had in the next couple weeks so may work out that they are available same time as the new batch of WS.

Have also gotten my hands on a few pieces of Honduran Rosewood Burl large enough for a WS. I have been doing this for almost 13 years now and have only been able to obtain this a couple times or so. the time or two I was it wasn’t large enough, when it was it cost $800 a blank and just couldn’t bring myself to purchase it. These weren’t nearly that expensive but were a long way from cheap.

I will be turning these very soon. Gotta give you all a heads up these will be expensive, more than I have ever charged for a WS and probably a lot more than you would think but will tell say will be worth every penny and a truly an heirloom piece that will sit atop all others ever made. have 3 left in this and if anyone would like to nail one down get at me and let’s do so.

Not sure how many follow me at Instagram, if you don’t hey pls do https://www.instagram.com/eds_tnt_/ got a couple great videos saved from Ryan of Rastabuddhatoa doing a session having brought in the WS. Like how he uses his and is very similar to my technique and felt it might be helpful to post here

also, 420VapeZone and Eric from Boundless vapes doing a dueling WoodScents live stream a bit back that I grabbed. Was a good time had by them and myself just watching. Shows them using em with other various stems and such. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Really excited to tell you all about the upcoming 3rd annual Make A Wish Raffle/Fundraiser I have coming up the entire month of November. I have gotten with 7 other guys very well known in the industry all working together to make up the greatest grand prize ever. I can assure you its way larger than last years and for one person will be like winning the lottery. One of the guys is throwing in a dozen smaller pieces which will be 12 runners up prizes surely to make entry participation a lot greater.

Will be hosted: at VaporAsylum.com

Where to enter: The contest will be held at https://vaporasylum.com/ and will be open to all members. There will be a specific raffle/giveaway thread and the details will be posted there.

How to enter: This is fund raiser is for the Make A Wish foundation. To enter participants will must go to the Make A Wish donations page for MAW. The minimum donation amount to enter this contest is $10. Participants may choose to donate to National, Local, or International. Entry and participation for this contest will be based on the honor system. Once payment for the donation has been made, you will see a confirmation page. The participant should copy and save or take a screen shot of their receipt and black out any personal information before uploading the image in the raffle/giveaway thread. The transaction ID and date must be clearly visible to validate your donation, or the donation will not be counted. It only takes 1 single entry of $10 or more to register for this contest.

However, as an incentive, we will be implementing the following:

Single donation of $10 = 1 raffle entry

Single donation of $50 = 6 raffle entries

Single donation of $100 = 13 raffle entries

Single donation of $150 = 20 raffle entries

Single donation of $200 = 28 raffle entries

Raffle length: Raffle will run from Nov. 1st to the 30th. and will close at midnight on the 30th.

How is the winner selected: Each donation will be assigned a number in an Excel spreadsheet for example, if a member donates $50, they will get 6 numbers (line entries) assigned to them. The winner will be chosen by a random number draw.

When/where be winner be announced: Winner will be announced and posted on the raffle  thread at VA the following day, Dec. 1st. I may do a live stream at IG when picking the winner but will let you all know beforehand and notify participants to get those involved in plenty of time beforehand.  After announcing the winner, I will reach out to that person by private message through VA notifying them of their win. The winner will have two weeks to respond and collect their prize. If they do not, they forfeit their win and another winner be selected through the same process as above.

It's that simple, donate to help MAW give a wish to a deserving child & put a smile on their face, put a precious memory in the mind of a parent that may be the most priceless gift they may ever receive.

So, let’s raise some dough for the MAW and in our own way help as much as possible for a chance to win a prize package like no other!

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Cory Goodman
Cory Goodman
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Holy crap. I'm so excited for this. When will the upgraded version be available, as well as the glass?!?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hello, forgive me for the delay in my reply. Its been crazy round here getting to this point. We are here though and am doing my best to make this happen. Pls check my latest blog post for more details. I appreciate your enthusiasm and look to hear from you soon.

Rick D
Rick D
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Can you tell me if your heating element is made from VITRIFIED ceramic?

Ed's TnT
Ed's TnT
Monday, September 23, 2019

Hello and thank you for reaching out to me, no sir it is not.

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