Good morning, gosh it’s been a while and so much has happened. Gosh we moved late last month back to the country, moved the whole family, me/wife/6 kids dang near all our possessions, the 2 12'x24' workshops 45 miles away in just about 3 days in well over a dozen trips with 2 -3 truck beds loaded, a trailer loaded up behind my truck in just under 3 days. I worked my butt off planning the move for the biz, thing is if I am not working, we are not eating and that aint cool cause everyone in my family likes to eat lol. I can’t tell you how freaking smoothly it all went. I was freaking go go go from can to pushing past can’t making it happen from all I had within me. The shops went down the Thursday before the weekend move and were set back up operational 5 days from when they went down. Power was run, machines were set, and I was making man glitter like a mad man.

I can’t tell you all how thankful I am to be back in the country doing what I love where I love it most. I know its stupid hot and humid, but it is what it is and where I am at is my piece of paradise and no place I would rather be.

So, I have been busting my butt turning 2019 WS bodies and have been assembling them past week or so in between getting dealer orders out. Summers are slow for me, had it not been for all the dealers I have it could have been really tough. I was able to get a bunch of DV stuff out to Austria a bit back, have a great guy in Canada that I am so thankful for his patience and understanding while a freaking massive order was stuck in customs for over 3 months before getting it. Have another great guy in the UK that has been a pleasure to work with and a few more dealers in France I am so appreciative of.

Just recently I picked up another new dealer and am excited to tell you all that Sneaky Pete will be offering my work in DV accessories as well an exclusive WS species in Bocote.

These are a first for the WS, they are some of the most figured and unlike any other i have ever turned. I will be getting these out to Pete at the end of the month, anyone interested should get with him and secure it before they drop if he will let you. es getting more than just a few but don’t expect them to be in stock long.

I have just sold the last 2018 the other day and am really anxious to release these new models toward the end of the month. Have a couple more dealers I gotta get out the way, matching stems and wongs for the new units and all that photos and site jazz still to do between now and then.

Will have a lot of burl, a few loaded with curl, & several domestics. Even have a couple of Birdseye Maple with this amazing figure that I have only seen in that super rare Karelian Burl I had a bit back

I need to do more research into what causes these light spots, I am just guessing but am thinking there is spalting taking place in it maybe. The other side of this has a few big golden Birdseye making these most beautiful I have ever seen or turned in it. I am really astounded by the finish and feel of these.

I have also been implementing a method for stabilizing the heater within the air path in the last batch of 18's and will be continuing to do so in the new model. I have gotten a sheet of thin titanium I am cutting into slivers to make shims and positioning them in the lower portion of the air path as a solution for the slight rattle that almost every WS has had in the past.

I am also working on a performance upgrade that I haven’t said anything about as I am not one to want to jinx it but have good feelings about it and have it out for testing. Hope sooner rather than later I can be able to make it happen and fingers crossed my guy tells me good news before soon.

I should have more walnut WS stands in next week if anyone is interested and would like to grab it with a new 2019.

I have turned a few Cocobolo, yall know I love that species and think these are some of the nicest I have done it

Not sure how many of you follow me at IG, know some do and hope if you don’t you will. Was a couple weeks ago I think Troy from 420VapeZone and Erik from Boundless did a dueling WS live stream, haha was neat seeing them both rocking there WS and blowing clouds. Troy was using a few various other stem configurations, Erik has a showstopper Cocobolo I did special for him, its two tone and one the white sapwood side there is a quarter sized heartwood dot peeping out at ya, it’s an eye catcher for real. Both guys were having a good time swapping techniques and advice, quite a few laughs. I grabbed a few screen shots and recorded the feed but can’t seem to find it atm, check it out Troy got cold cocked from a draw of the WS

I am shooting to have the new WS available and ready for purchase by the end of the month. I will have more info and a final date very soon after these next few days of giving it hell. Gotta make a showing before Friday and that will determine the dates.



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Cory Goodman
Cory Goodman
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Any word on what the new 2019 will cost?

Also, I thought there weren't going to be any performance differences between 2018 and 2019 version, but the blog now says there probably will be? I asked if that was happening before grabbing a 2018, and now I feel the need to get a 2019 right away Damn it lol

Also, walnut stands are coming next week? I just grabbed the other one, but I guess I'm ordering another stand next week. :P

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hello sir, 2019's will be same price as is listed. At this launch there are no performance upgrades, testing has to be done before I can even elaborate with specific details. I feel its going to work out well but have it in the hands of big time heavy to be used and abused top to bottom to ensure what I think and hope do what it do. Yes Walnut stands will be available but must tell you the price is going up as it was an introductory price and having talked with my guy quite a bit back and forth its not possible for him to put all the necessary time it takes to finish them to his liking. My guy just cant do it and I am not going to take advantage of him and beat him out of all his hard work. There is a whole lot of work that goes into any piece of finished wood and will have to reflect that in the future price. BTW I think you gotta get a 2019 just cause you got a 2018, WoodScents makes the most Sense! These are only a limited edition design, when this style is gone they are done.

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