Hello everyone, same as always yall been busy. I picked up a new dealer in Austria where I have a bunch of DV MS going out Monday. I have gotten the air paths in for the new 2019-year model. The design down the side is pretty neat but is more or less just cosmetic. What is neat about the new design is that the filter discs have been seated more securely and should not be easily removable.

I really like this new design and have gotten a bunch of WS out last week with these.

I have also just added these neat Futo XL Stashes in Cocobolo. I have known my guy there at Futo since he started the biz way back in the day and when I mentioned a stash for the WS he was all for it. He made these for me to work with the WS stem but also can work with any normal or XL model of DV.