Hello everyone, what a past few weeks it’s been. Was slammed like always but more so as I was trying to clear my plate of all work before I left for Spain and did so. Got everything out with only a couple hiccups but have that square now since getting back. Did 6 days gone, 2 for traveling, 3 for the show and 1 as a tourist. TBH I had one of the best times ever, like phattpiggie said it best, was such a blast to be among others in the industry with like minds and getting to hear and understand their sides of it and also share my own. All the people I went with I had known for years and was finally neat to do time with them in person and enjoy the laughs and smiles. I can honestly say there never was a negative moment. Every single minute was positive. You all know I am an early bird and Phatts gave me hell saying "You’ll be in bed before dark" but spent each night staying up talking til way after midnight. There was so much to hear and say and enjoy. Had a couple more guys show up to share the BnB with before we left for the trade show duff was one of em. Another solid I have known for quite some time but never met.