Hello everyone, wow there has been a lot going on. The 12th anniversary sale went great, moved quite a few units and many many stems and such. I have been trying to clear my plate or work be it dealer orders, custom work or getting out retail I have been cranking out the pieces. I am so excited I am leaving Thursday bout noon for Spain and will be at Spannibis for the show and a day or so after for tourist type stuff. Got a BnB I will be sharing with @phattpiggie @Aezhenn and a few other guys. Got quite a few meets with guys I have been working with for years and like George from DynaVap said its crazy we gotta go half way round the world to finally meet lol. Its going to be a blast I know it and am so eager to make this trip. I have also scored my CE cert. for the WS. Omgosh its been a long hard expensive process but is finally done. The first small batch of CE certified WS landed a few days ago and are about to make their way to the presale buyers first. I have another batch about to go out this coming week and so excited to offer these to the 27 countries of the EU. I cant say how thankful I am to all that have been patient and supportive during this process, thanks so much. I am also having these really neat stands made for the WS and its accessories. They remind me of a butterfly wing and to me have a very natural shape. They will have recesses for the unit, BAB, stems and a couple areas for materials, a magnet for the DV cap/Ti tip wood stem. Going to have these available by the end of the month.

Got an order of shirts being made that I am going to add to the site by months end as well. Not sure how many of you follow me at IG but have posted pics of them there if you wanna have a look. I am going to offer these at about $18 each. I am not trying to get rich off of them, am going to offer them at $18 simple as that If you are interested in em pls let me know.

12 years and still going strong - 2-23-19 - Ed's TnT
Lets celebrate with 12% off at check out...
What a trip it was - 3-30-19
Was a blast from beginning to end, cant wait to do it again....
Woot, woot, wood
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