Hey hey everyone, hoping all is well out there. Been in the shop giving it hell as always even had to rewire the shop from the service pole, seems I had a short somewhere in the pipe buried in the ground. All I can think is that I may have nicked it when pushing the pipe over it and that’s what done it. Had 240 across one leg and nothing across the other. Lost a couple shop lights when it shorted so I order a 6 pack of 4,000 lumen LED shop lights from amazon at $135 are you kidding. Put them with the other 6 pack I got a bit back and I have so much light in both shops now its crazy bright, I love it! All is good, and I got chips flying and making man glitter lol.

Did an interview with Vootra that you all can check out here if you like, was a neat opportunity to get the word out for wood and what I love to do, pls have a look.

The karelian burl and the amboyna have been fun to work. Amboyna is always exciting with its fragrant aroma and beautiful figure it’s my favorite burl hands down. Have a couple of those left that I will be adding to the site next week. Sold several of them early after getting em and can’t believe I still have a couple left. Even have a couple of the Karelian left as well, figure they will both move really quick once they post to the site.

You all know I do live edge from time to time and have this gnarly Maple Burl blank I am going to turn into a WS. This piece is just nasty looking to most but underneath and even at some of the live edge areas I feel it’s going to be a stunner 

What’s your thoughts? I love making magic.

Got a lot going on round here and even a trip Spain in March, woot woot! Can’t wait to go, meeting up with several heavies in the industry and to meet several longtime friends for the first time ever, what a blast it will be. A lot is going on and always something that needs to get done. I hope you all will keep an eye out and stay posted here. I will do a better job at getting by with updates such more often.

Wish all well and the best!

Raffle raised $1600, Omgosh Amboyna, Glass WS Stems too, ohhh wow! 12-11-18 Ed's TnT
Thanks for the participation, what a success!...
Just added Amboyna & Karelian Burl WoodScents - Ed's TnT
Get one before they are gone!...
Woot, woot, wood
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