Its that time of year again so get ready for a great deal! I am doing a 15% off discount at checkout. That's 15% off your cart total for a really great deal off any purchase, especially on  a priceless WoodScents. Sale will be the 22nd and run til the end of the 26th.

Use code - givethanks at checkout to get the discount.

I have been working my butt off to ready as many WoodScents as possible. I have some sure enough stunners ready to go and all are the best of the best.

I will also be updating pics of some as soon as I can. Be aware that not all species will be available next week, some wont be as I haven't been able to get wood in their species.

Let me know if you have any questions and by all means if you haven't gotten in on the raffle/donation I am doing over at VaporAsylum you need too.

Take care everyone and wish you all the best this Thanksgiving season.

Silver Leaf Bog Oak WoodScents Raffle/Donation for Make a Wish - Ed's TnT
Lets raise some money for Make a Wish and make some memories for them all...
Additions to the Raffle/Donation for Make a Wish 11-18-18 - Ed's TnT
Additions from Simrell Collection...
Woot, woot, wood
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