Have been thinking its been a while since I did a giveaway/contest. Having so many wonderful blessings this past year and the one before, seeing my family grow and strengthen. The biz is still going strong and WoodScents popularity is gaining even more. Its good days round here! So, let’s do this!

As I said I have seen my family grow and being older having my 4th son and 2 wonderful step children I am thankful and understand how lucky I am. The smiles and sounds my baby boy make has me and the wife grinning all day every day.

I would like to give back. I have done this kind of contest before and the best way to raise money is for the Make a Wish Foundation. I have 4 amazing sons of my own & 2 wonderful step children that have been blessed with health. This is not the case for many parents out there. Some only hope to have their children for a few more days only to have to say goodbye the next. MAW and the volunteers that help out gives a wish to a child every 35 minutes. These wishes give these children the biggest brightest smiles their parents may ever see. It’s a sad sad fact but is reality. Just thinking of any of mine in a similar situation chokes me up but gives me hope that prayers may be answered, and cures may be found for kids running out of time and that by donating to the MAW we can be a part of putting smiles on their faces and priceless memories in the hearts of their parents.

I will be giving away a priceless Bog Oak WoodScents gilded with 24K Silver leaf. The log itself has been RCD to be over 3,000 years old. I will also be adding a BO stem & BO 14/18mm wong these are said to be over 5400 years old. The longer the wood is submerged in the bog the darker they become so you may notice the stem and wong are darker in tone. I will also be adding a glass Ti tip stem, straight draw glass WS stem, glass WS gong, glass WS AromaCup for oils as well as power controls/adapters & all necessary extras. This package alone is worth $600, comes with all the bells and whistles you will need for any situation you find yourself in right out of the box!

This piece is still being worked on and will be doing assembly and the rest in the next few days so will be posting more pics shortly, just wanted to get this going in time to raise funds for the holidays.

Have also spoken to George at DynaVap and him and his crew are big supporters of veterans and cancer survivors. I told him about the MAW contest I am doing, and he has been so supportive of it and will be sending a super nice Omni Blackwood Vong with silver mouthpiece to match. How sweet is that? Once I have it in hand, I will post pics of it here as well.

Now to enter this giveaway you will need to go over to VaporAsylum and sign up. Then go to the donations page for MAW the minimum donation amount is $5, you may choose to donate to National/Local/International, your participation will be on the honor system. I am and have done this in the past, you will see below where I made a $5 donation today.

Every donation will have a transaction ID. Once you make the donation, you will see the confirmation page. You can copy and paste it removing your name or screenshot it and do as I did above. Each donation will get you one entry into the giveaway. You may make as many donations as you like. Each donation of $5 or more will count as one entry. Enter as many times as you like, I suggest you do so. This contest will run from Nov. 10th til the last day on the 30th at midnight. Mrs. Ed and I will gather all the entries and put em in a hat where she will draw the winner the afternoon of December 1st. I will post the users VA handle here. It's that simple, make a donation to help MAW give a wish to a deserving child & put a smile on their face, put a precious memory in the mind of a parent that may be the most priceless gift they may ever receive.

So let’s raise some dough for the MAW and in our own way help out as much as possible for a chance to win one of the oldest log vape combos on this Earth!

Remember this is based on the honor system I am entrusting you all to make this donation for entry into this giveaway. If you screw me or most of all screw a terminally ill child, it’s all on you. You have to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror every day there after!

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